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  1. I got a workaround downloading the new font and creating woff files.
    adding those fonts to my project I'able to override the source path.

    .x-md {
    font-family: 'BBros Material Icons'...
  2. Hello!
    I tried to use the "light" icon of the material design font and I realized that there are not all the icons available online at this address...
  3. Thank you, it is still working... I really don't know what happened.
    you can consider this thread as closed.
  4. I'm sorry for asking you, I don't know what was wrong yesterday but


    do work as expected.
  5. Hello!
    I need to draw a flag icon in a button in order to show the selected language.
    The button is in _Header.cshtml, so I don't have codebehind.
    I would like to set it via javascript.

  6. Thank you again.
    I'm going to add double quotes and excape those reading values, or something like that.

    It is not too bad ;)
  7. Hello, even I was still thinking of a bomb-proof solution.

    I believe that if the page seds a value that for me is well-defined, I am able to calculate how many minutes has been modified by the...
  8. I share other few lines to keep backwards compatibility.

    My JsObject values are assumed to be DateTime and not String; so using those as SqlCommand Parameters, SQL Server handles datetime...
  9. sorry I edited the previous post, because I was wrong, your suggestion was working.
  10. Thanks, your solution works.
    I'm sad that this is the expected behavior for you.
    I'm used to get a JsObject; in this way, adding and removing parameters methods won't change; I get 20 controls over...
  11. Thank you, getRawValue() is the solution.

  12. Hello, I get a buggy behavior in TextField and I don't know how avoid it.
    I choose a TextField in order to put a string value in it, but if the value could be parsed to number it will be serialized...
  13. Converting to local time serverside I get what I need, anyhow it is confusing.
    TimeField as well returns a DateTime instead of TimeSpan, and it's date part is 2008-01-01 which could have a different...
  14. Sure!
    here is the repro project:


    @model ExtCookbook.Pages.DateTimeZoneHandlingModel
    <ext-section target="Main">
  15. Hello, how can I set the DateTimeZoneHandling to Local in new .net5 projects?
    Moreover I get documentation about Newtonsoft, but I think default serializer are ext.

    When I post a DateField value...
  16. Hello, in your home page there is a nice collapsible sidebar with menu icons.
    I'm not able to create something like that.

    have you any example, or suggestion?

    Thank you!
  17. I think I found a solution running outside the codebehind.

    I create new css with this code inside

    #mySpecificGridId .x-grid-cell-inner {
    padding: 2px 6px;

    then I added this line in...
  18. Hello,
    spotless theme is very nice but when a grid counts several records only few are shown, because the padding of .x-grid-cell-inner class.

    In my project, grids are renderend fully in code...
  19. hello!
    Components in version 7.2 are stable, but they lack some features that would make them more complete and sometimes easier to use.
    Many months have passed since the release of version 7.2 and...
  20. Thank you!

    I suppose that the correct instruction is:

    <ext-panel title="Expanded" x:raw-collapsed="false">

    But how can i pass a parameter to that?
    The following example doesn't work:

  21. Hello!
    I'm facing a problem when I try to render an accordion's panel when the first panel needs to be collapsed.

    I found the collapsed tag helper and its description make me think it is the...
  22. Hello!
    I get a different behavior handling CellEditingPlugin's Edit DirectEvent if I edit a TextColumn or a CheckColumn.

    Here is my scenario:


    @page "{handler?}"
  23. Hi Fabricio,
    this looks great!

    You were missing just the Row doubleclick event handler; I set it in this way:

    grid.Listeners.RowDblClick.Handler =...
  24. Thank you, understood!

    I was looking into the following examples

    and I was thinking that...
  25. Hello!
    I don't know how to port existing MVC v5.2 or WebForms example for fieldset.
    I would like that doubleclicking a grid row, pops up a window with the row editor panel.
    Clicking the save...
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