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  1. hi

    I have a problem. I change this EXT.NET demo sample.

    I connect UserControl1 direct method 'OnClientClick' to...
  2. Thanks Vladimir for your answer
    Is it resource manager a method for update direct event without recreate all user control?
    If resource manager not have this method it is a good feature for EX.Net...
  3. hi,
    I have problem with Direct Methods, when i create user controls that have direct method and load dynamically to parent page, the user control direct method not run or throw exception
  4. how to change color panel header?
  5. hi,

    Who can help me a little about the details of Ext.Net direct event management and ResourceManager component.

    I use for a framework that load module dynamically but i have problem...
  6. hi,

    I have a asp page that load some user control at page_load dynamically
    in a viewport left panel.
    For increase page performance i load all user control first time
    page load like this code...
  7. Hi,

    I have multiple user Control that load dynamically to a view port right Panel.
    I use button with direct event or listener in each user control
    As regards each user control load...
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