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  1. Problem solved using DirectEvents Type = Load ...
  2. My application returns the error 'Ext is not defined' when trying to fire a request from a button. The thing is this error only occurs when a FileUploadFiled has been dynamically rendered.

  3. Fabrício,

    Sorry, but the samples in Examples Explorer are too simple and does not fit our needs.

    We were able to reproduce the error on Examples Explorer, but only if we force the store to...
  4. Sometimes, I'm getting this error when try to expand RowExpander.
    It works many times before the error happens.

    This is the stack:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isSynchronized' of...
  5. Calendar lose all css applied when I changed the screen size of navigator.

    this is the first State of screen. (before resizing)


    This is the final state of screen. (after resizing)
  6. Property Mode="Frame" solved my problem.
  7. Sorry for my bad English, brazilian guy here.

    Here's my problem:

    I created a function that open a window and a tabpanel inside this window and load URLs dynamically when a tab get activate.
  8. The following error occurs sometimes during window show (after button click).

    I have only a map from google maps on this window and the error not occurs always, just sometimes after some window...
  9. Is there any way to improve rendering performance of dynamic UserControls ?
  10. I solve this way,.

    ctn.Render(this.panelPaiOcorrencias, count, RenderMode.InsertTo, true);

    But all the elements with functionality doesn't work anymore,...
  11. Daniil, I can't Render the c variable because is a control.

    there anything I can use to convert this control to Ext element ?

    public partial class CONTROLS_ocorrenciasMural :...
  12. I load information from a control and add to panel , in a precise moment, i need to load more information / more controls . The controls generated after the click of the button, doesn't appear on the...
  13. thank you Daniil,

    I'll try solve like that.
  14. Hi,
    In a grid

    <ext:StringFilter />

    When I filter, the search is done by valuefield .
    how to filter a column of combobox by displayField ?
  15. Reviewing my code, the problem was in grid.filters.Filters class.

    I solved with this way.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    Ext.define('Overrides.grid.filters.Filters', {
  16. The error still happens
  17. I load a grid by code behind using reconfigure with List (Of columnBase ) . In the construction of columns , I declare the filter of the same coluna.Filter.Add(New Ext.Net.StringFilter) .

    In the...
  18. I thought I was in premiun forum , sorry .

    You could give me an example of cache buster?

  19. thank's Daniil, very helpful.
  20. How to remove textarea borders ?
  21. any suggestions ?
  22. I have a file repository where there hyperlinkcolumns with dataindexhref . I update the file , the URL remains the same , with the same filename, but downloads the old file . That would be cache...
  23. Thank You.

    I could not apply your code. but your code helped me find an alternative way to solve this problem.

    <%@ Register src="~/CONTROLS/ocorrenciasMural.ascx" tagname="soc" tagprefix="uc"...
  24. Hello , how can I change values ​​of elements of a ' UserControl ' and access control methods in the parent page

    protected void carregarOcorrencias(int i)
    Ext.Net.Panel p =...
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