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  1. Perfect thanks was exactly what i need.

    I dont remember that gridview has the loadmask property.

    Best regards

  2. Hello,

    i have a store that loads data with ajaxproxy. The proxy works very nice but i cannot
    hide the loading mask.

    Ιs there a way to completely hide the loading mask ?

  3. Microsoft Edge is latest chromium. Version 86.0.622.38.

    Thanks I 'll be waiting
  4. I tested on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Works ok. In microsoft edge does not.

    vsix template is the lastest from forum link.

    I try the suggestion to remove DEBUG directives but same error
  5. Thanks for answer.

    I have install vsix to visual studio but the strange thing is that it has 2 templates for with different names than the forum docs.

    So i created the project by hand...
  6. Hello,

    i am trying to run a simple example of but i have the following error:

    JavaScript critical error at line 1882, column 21 in...
  7. Hello,

    i am testing with calendar and i have a problem find a way to change the title of a an event in month view.

    In MonthView and in a specific date of the month i have event that displays...
  8. As you can see in the example below, grid summary columns become increasingly unaligned.

    Any help with sorting out this problem will be greatly appreciated.


    <%@ Page Language="C#"...
  9. The link have the above code but this line if (!Ext.isIE) returns always false because i have Internet Explorer 11

    Ext.override(Ext.view.Table, {
    focusRow: function (rowIdx) {
  10. Hello,

    i have a problem with CellSelectionModel in a gridpanel.
    In the example below when you scroll to the last column and click for edit the grid goes to first column (i think ) with no focus...
  11. Ok is open
  12. Daniil,

    it worked! Thank you very much.

  13. Hello i have a problem with group summary grid that does not refresh the group summary total (not the bottom bar totals) when i delete rows.
    I change this...
  14. <ext:Store ID="store_act" runat="server" AutoSync="false">
    <ext:Model ID="model_act" runat="server" IDProperty="ACV_ID" Name="ACT">
  15. Ok thank you.

    The changes will be included in a future version ?

    Anyway please close this thread.
  16. Hello,

    we have a problem with 2.3 and with older versions when the web server is behind a reverse proxy.

    The reverse proxy that we use is the nginx latest stable version.

  17. Thanks a lot, it works fine.
  18. Hello again,

    in the store example below we have a problem with the update calls to the server.
    The problem is that when you have a date field on a grid and you edit the field by setting its value...
  19. It works with v2.2 (File Version=

    Now the header request params on insert two records is this:

    _dc 1374735554521
    action create
  20. Ext.Net Version=
  21. Sorry i checked AllowSingle true and false but the same behavior !!
  22. No the same thing. I added to grid two rows and press the save (sync) button.
    Below is the header params from the insert request.
    The strange thing is that the writer has the property Root="data"...
  23. Many thanks

    It works as it should with AjaxProxy.

    With json why not ? Is it a bug, just to know
  24. Hello,

    I have no specific reason to use jsonp proxy. I just found it in example and use it.

    The code of extjs that works :

    Ext.define('model_users', {
    extend: '',...
  25. Hello, in the code example i have a store with setup for server calls with proxy jsonp.

    The problem is that when the sync command executes the server calls executed ok but the header params are...
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