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  1. Thank you, I have now updated and found it :)
  2. Hi,

    Can you let me know what has happened / is happening with the GroupTabPanel control? The example on in the example explorer no longer works and the components don't exist in the latest SVN...
  3. PM

    Does the current SVN version use 4.1 ?

  4. 1. I have downloaded via SVN fine.

    2. I encountered the System.Web.WebPages references error. I had to download and install MVC3.

    3. (2) may cause issues for me because my project is MVC1 and...
  5. Hi Guys,

    Just a heads up, if you start IE and navigate to and then run the Developer Tools (F12) and then go to the Script Tab and Start Debugging (refreshing the tab may...
  6. Can you provide us with an update on when you are hoping to release a developer preview of v2? You originally stated it to be on or around the 17th of October. Nearly a month later and we haven't...
  7. We use the submit() method because that was what I had seen in your original Coolite MVC example on Google Code. We need to be able to change the URL that the form is submitted to along with...
  8. Hello,

    I have a page containing a FormPanel. Within this FormPanel there is a TabPanel which contains several Panel controls. If I set one of the Panel controls to hidden (server side before...
  9. Thanks, I will update and give it a try!
  10. Hi Guys,

    When putting an ImageButton on a page, it seems to make a request to a URL that is named 'undefined' around the time the button is rendered. For example, on a page at...
  11. Works a treat! Bloody forms catching me out again ;)

  12. Hello,

    Are there any differences between the way that Click DirectEvents are handled between Buttons (Split in this case) and MenuItems on the client side?

    This is a kind of follow on from the...
  13. Duh! I had changed my wrapping Panel to a FormPanel yesterday and then changed it back because I couldnt get it working and didn't want to mess about too much.

    Anyway, all is working fine now,...
  14. Vlad,

    My action code is:

    public ActionResult Write(string data, string format)
    Ext.Net.SubmitHandler submitData = new Ext.Net.SubmitHandler(data);
  15. Hi Vlad,

    Thanks for the alternate way of doing it. I have set up my handlers as below:

    <Click Url="/Home/Write" IsUpload="true">
  16. In my ExportResult class, I have the following code in the ExecuteResult function:

    XmlNode submitConfig = JsonConvert.DeserializeXmlNode(request.Params["submitDirectEventConfig"]);

  17. Yes, I could do that, or I can use what I have finally come up with above.

    I guess then this should more of be a question as to whether it is OK to extract the XML in the way that I have been...
  18. Hi Vlad, thanks for the reply.

    This, I don't think is the issue though. I have IsUpload set to true and I get the same behaviour whether on a form or not. I can also carry out file downloads...
  19. Hello,

    I am having an issue with being able to export store results to excel. This is the same problem raised in the following thread:...
  20. That has worked perfectly.

    Thank you! - Great help as always :)
  21. Hello,

    I am using the Ext.NET 1.0 SVN Build (last fetched on 12/10/2010) and I am now having issues with the getBody() function of the Ext.Panel override.

    I am using some custom code (overrides...
  22. Hi Daniil,

    It wasn't because of how the AutoLoad works (which is different to how I think you think it works).

    The Portal within the page that was being AutoLoaded had a header/border and...
  23. Hello,

    I have setup a GroupTabPanel with a few GroupTab items. Inside one of these GroupTabs I would like to AutoLoad a page. What I have done is to insert a Panel with an AutoLoad element which...
  24. Thanks Vlad, I have gone with option one for the moment as re-referencing my rather large project takes a while. I will switch to option two when I next update from SVN.

  25. Hello,

    Hopefully a simple one for you. I am trying to create a form that has a FieldSet which is split into two columns, each column contains multiple fields laid out in a form style:

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