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  1. Hello Fabricio,

    My English keyboard has a dedicated key for single-quote and double-quote, and testing on showed keyCode = 222, but testing with Spanish keyboards where the...
  2. Hello Fabricio,

    The problem seems to happen only in Firefox (I'm using v78). In Chrome, Edge, Opera, IE11 quotes are not displayed, even without any event to prevent it.

    I've used keyup...
  3. Here's a way to remove quotes from the value as user types. The ugly thing here is that the quotes are displayed and then deleted.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <%@ Register assembly="Ext.Net"...
  4. Hello Fabricio,

    Returning false after stopEvent() doesn't change the behaviour.

    var validateNum = function (field, e) {
    if (event.keyCode == 16 || event.keyCode ==...
  5. Hello,

    I want to prevent single- and double-quotes in NumberField input, but don't know how.
    This is my code:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <%@ Register assembly="Ext.Net" namespace="Ext.Net"...
  6. I was trying with a spotlight as suggested here but RowEditing doesn't have a view, or it does?...
  7. Hello,

    Please, refer to example
    How to block the grid and avoid sorting, filtering, moving the editor while the RowEditing plugin is...
  8. Thank you Fabricio, please close this thread.
  9. Hello Fabricio,

    Grid is not focused.
    Using Firefox 71, two clicks are needed on down arrow to get filter menu displayed.
    Using Chrome 79, Opera 65, Edge and IE 11 only one clic is needed.
  10. Thank you Fabricio, ListFilter from Store works as expected.

    By the way, is it possible to avoid the two clicks needed on filter arrow to get the filter menu displayed? First click selects header...
  11. Hello,

    I'm migrating an app from Ext.Net v1 to v5. Tough work.
    I'm facing two problems with ListFilters in grids.

    1. Renderer not working from the beginning, works after a filter is applied....
  12. Hello,
    How to prevent a button firing click directevent twice if the button has focus and you quickly press Enter two times?
    I've put a code-behind variable to prevent the event running twice, but...
  13. Hello, @geoffrey.mcgill, any hint/workaround?
  14. Hello,

    I have a grid ith RowEditor plugin. I'm using RowEditor's BeforeEdit listener to disabled the grid, thus preventing change the row being edited, ValidateEdit listener to check editors...
  15. Hello,

    I have this column definition in a grid. The combobox editor uses a template.
    Is it possible to hide the refresh button at template's bottom bar?

  16. Hello,

    I have a problem with a GridPanel with RowSelectionModel. I select one (or more) rows, then filter (string filter on any column) so that the selected rows are not displayed, then select one...
  17. Hello guys, any hint on this?
  18. Hello,

    I have a this TaskManager with two tasks in a webpage and I assign to each task a different user-configurable interval on Page-OnLoad event:

    <ext:TaskManager ID="TaskManager1"...
  19. Hello guys, any hint on this?
  20. Hello,

    I have a problem: When a clientside listener is fired, text in labels and numberfields isn't being sent to codebehind.

    <ext:XScript ID="XScript1" runat="server">
  21. Solved moving code in DirectEvent method to clientside.
  22. Hello,

    I have a problem with RowSelectionModel's SelectedRecordID property at codebehind.
    I have two grids (shown below):

    <ext:GridPanel EnableColumnHide="false" ID="grdSalidas"...
  23. Hello,

    Based on XTemplate example, I've added an Ext:Button and a DirectMethod to be called when button is clicked. The problem is that ext:button doesn't get rendered as an html button but appear...
  24. Do somebody has a light on this?
  25. Do somebody has a light on this?
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