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  1. in that example i face again my problem : params: { data: App.GridPanel1.getRowsValues() }
    how do i change app.gridpanel1.getrowsvalues with my function that...
  2. Thank you.
    Yes , it is something i need. The problem is i work in VB.NET and i get an error at this line
    Dim submitData = New Ext.Net.SubmitHandler(Json.Serialize(lst))
    it says : Overload...
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I saw those examples but couldn't figure how to adapt them to my situation.
    1st example shows the propery with a hidden field wich get the calues from the gridpanel...
  4. If i have a gridpanel defined in the code behind the form how can i export it ? (getRowsValues) ? using direct methods ?
    The definition of the button :

  5. MY ASCX PAGE where i declared the gridpanel

    <ext:DesktopModuleProxy ID="Stocuri_DesktopModuleProxy1" runat="server">
    <Module ModuleID="Stocuri_Module">
    <Shortcut Name="Stocuri"...
  6. when i take the value Value="#{stoc_GridPanel1}.getRowsValues()" is from stoc_gridpanel1 wich is an ID on the aspx page
    What i need is to take that values from a function in the code page instead...
  7. <DirectEvents>
    <Click OnEvent="ExportEt" IsUpload="true" >
    <ext:Parameter Name="data" Value="#{stoc_GridPanel1}.getRowsValues()" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
    How can i add an export data here ? thank you
    I used directmethod instead of listeners

    <KeyUp OnEvent="add_like"></KeyUp>

  10. SOLVED :
  11. Hi,
    I want to add a textbox in the header of a column and when keypress event on it is fired i need to use a function (not java) from my form. It must pass the textbox.text value to that fuction....
  12. Unhandled exception at line 18, column 553003 in...
  13. Any example for how to do Infinite looping with search and filters + column sorting ???
    and if you can without predefined columns .
    thank you
  14. Changed :

    Protected Sub Store_ReadData(sender As Object, e As StoreReadDataEventArgs) Dim store As Store = DirectCast(sender, Store) store.Data = querydbdata("SELECT * FROM...
  15. error : Unhandled exception at line 18, column 289268 in...
  16. i tried that and i cannot handle it....
    i don;t understand how to configure it to display a select if i don;t know the columns .....
  17. I need to have a blank gridview but with all the setings on : search in the header , can move colunms, show/display columns , filters etc... and while using a list to populate with all the fields...
  18. Any basic example on how to populate a gridview programatically -> if you can and how to set the nice features that it offers?
    Thank you.

    vb code :

    Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender...
  19. it works. i changed the webconfig like this :
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please visit
  20. i keep getting this :
    <add name="DirectRequestModule" type="Ext.Net.DirectRequestModule, Ext.Net" />
    Any help please? i use...
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