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  1. I resolve. Mark as close please!!!
  2. Hi at all!!
    I have a very strange problem (you can see it in the image).

    I don't know whichh is the problem. Infact it's appear when i refresh a page. i don't change a code!!
    can someone...
  3. I can't reproduce to other device cause i have only this tablet. I'll endeavor another tablet to try. i have tested either me

    I tested the Chrome developer tools on the desktop and also works for...
  4. Hi Daniil yes in desktop version it scroll

    if you set height:500 the scroolbar scroll.

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    id: "frmDettaglioCommissario",
  5. yes i know the error but if you look at the explanation, it tell you that not found a favicon. So i think that this error does not affect the proper operation. It not found the favicon and so don't...
  6. I have taken steps to create a sample pages like my code. as you can see, the panel that contain the component is created in javascript on page load. This in my tablet not scroll

    <%@ Page...
  7. HI Daniil.

    no the problem is not just that.
    i have a normal page with various component (button, textbox, and label).
    The page is contained in a panel that have the property overflowY: "auto"...
  8. Hi at all!!
    I'have a problem in the management toolbar, when i use tablet (samsung galaxy note 10.1 vers 2014 ).
    In my code i have setting overflowX: "auto", overflowY: "auto", in the panel that...
  9. thank you very Much Daniil.
    You can mark this question as "close"
  10. Hi at all!
    I have a simple question. Support Aspnet5 and MVC6?
    since it will be supported ?

    Thank you very much.
  11. Hi Daniil. I hope not to be too confusing.
    This is an example of my code.
    To simplify the javascript code I have included in the view, but in reality the javascript files are outside the view. ...
  12. Hello to all!

    I have a very strange problem in my code.
    In my start page i apply at the Page_Load method this code:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  13. Now WORK!!! thank you very much Daniil. you can mark this post as CLOSED!!
  14. Hi Daniil. i have download 3.2.1 version. It's wrong?
  15. I Danill. Actually my code is this:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!X.IsAjaxRequest)
  16. Hi Daniil! thank you very much for the answer.
    I try it but don't work. Infact when i try it in my tablet my theme not change.
    can you tell me why?
    I post my code, it's a very simple code that ...
  17. Hi at all. I have a simple question for you.
    you can change the theme of an application based on its use ? I wish for the desktop version you are using a theme and for the mobile version I would use...
  18. Hi!! i have a question for you: i try to reproduce your example for my app. As you can see, i want that behavior's panel with the ID=Toolbar change.
    I want if I'm using a tablet the panel is...
  19. Thank you very much!!!!
    you can mark this post how closed
  20. Hi Daniil, thank you so much for the answer.
    Sorry for the confusion, I mean for the mobile "tablet".
    so is the tablet supported?

    i tried to open this...
  21. Hello at all.

    I have a very important question.
    I'm starting to develop an application .
    I wish that it would work for both desktop and mobile .
    What are the methodologies that EXT.Net uses...
  22. Work!!!

    Thank you very much @Dimitris!!!
  23. Many thanks @Dimitris!!! i have a question:

    I have replaced your update method with this:

    var update = function () {
    var store = App.BNModelloWorker_GridPanel2.getStore();

  24. Hello at all!

    In my code i have a gridPanel and I would only update the rows of a column (look at the pictures).


    I would like to do this through the task manager.

  25. I solved it by moving the server side logic .
    thanks a lot @Daniil.
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