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  1. Thanks Fabricio for your quick reply and assistance. I always appreciate your responsiveness. You are right that the issue is related to recent ExtJS unilateral change. We resolved the issue by...
  2. This used to work beautifully 4.2. We migrated to 4.4 and start observing this issue. We are using plain ExtJS javascript snipped upload file.

    onUploadFile: function (field, value) {
  3. Thanks fabricio,

    How smooth is the migration to v3 or v4? Can our v2 code continue to work without major modification?

  4. I would appreciate if somebody can provide some help or insight on this issue. Thanks
  5. Scrolling a buffered store grid with locked columns causing two issues.

    1. If you scroll from top or bottom using the scrollbar arrow icons, it scrolls a while and then scroll freez.
    2. Scrolling...
  6. Got it. Looking forward for Ext.NET 3.0 Beta.
  7. ExtJS 4.2.3 released yesterday. When is the next release of Ext.NET? Will it include ExtJS 4.2.3 or ExtJS 5.0?
  8. Thanks Daniil and Vladimir. This is a good pointer and appears to be what I was looking. Let me play with it.
  9. Thanks Daniil for clarifying. I won't use "<ext:App>. My question is can I access Ext.Net generated component (objects/classes) from Ext JS? My goal is to use Ext.Net tags for generated views and...
  10. Thanks for the tip. Just updated the post with code wrap.
  11. I am trying to use client side MVC feature of ExtJS while taking advantage of rich tag library of Everything works and I receive component events. But the the Domain Events for controllers...
  12. Hi,

    I have found the issue, it was calling a function that was not defined.

  13. Hi,

    I am using ext:FileUploadField control for uploading a ".csv" file and getting an "Object Required" error for the following code snippet:


  14. Hi,

    I am trying to redirect in AjaxMethod once it is complete:

  15. Thanks, it worked.
  16. Hi,

    I tried your suggestion, but I am getting issues:

    function testValidation(value)
  17. Hi,

    I want to have custom validator for "TextArea" control, any example of comments will be highly appriciated.

    <ext:TextArea ID="emailMessage" HideLabel="true" runat="server">
  18. Hi,

    I am using Coolite version While using text field where vtype is "email" for email address validation I am seeing an issue, it does not allow hyphen in the email address. Please...
  19. Thanks Geoffrey for the explanation. The issue was resolved by using the "inline" attribute. Though it solves the problem and I am happy. I miss the clean code though :) I hope in future you come up...
  20. Hi Everybody,

    This email is to clarify the usage of ASP.NET Session by Coolite. It appears that Coolite uses ASP.NET session for some special tasks. This poses the question of using Coolite behind...
  21. Thanks for the quick reply. The problem happens if I use 2 servers behind load balancer. As long as I use any of the one server, I don't get this issue. As soon requests get routed to servers behind...
  22. Hi,

    Once a while I get this error but not sure what it is related to, please help. Please note that I am using the following settings in web.config

    <coolite theme="Default" idMode="Explicit"...
  23. Thanks Vlad for explaining. This is what I was suspecting and your answer confirmed that. I will use the first option as it is simpler without writing separate http handler.

    Thanks for your quick...
  24. I tried to all sorts of things with VS but it didn't resolve. I am not worried that much about intellesense. It could be my installation issue. The problem I am having now is that the same code...
  25. Hi Vlad,

    Please see the attached screenshot. I am using VS 2005 SP2. If I remove the "ContainerLayout" tag then intellisense comes back.

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