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  1. I want to purchase 4.2.2 version and migrate my project 2.5.0 to 4.2.2 but before I need some solution as per my screen layout.
    my question is how to decrease height of textfield

    my code...
  2. Hi Daniil,
    I've added ToggleOnClick=true in my code, will check it further and revert back to you. Thanks
  3. Hi, In the TreePanel control as menu like one at your site on the left side, the problem occur if the user having mouse with auto double-click issue, then it loads duplicates items...
  4. Hi Daniil,
    I am doing the changes you suggested, will provide the feedback in few days, thanks for the support.
  5. Hi Ext.Net Team,
    I have seen some cases in my application that sometime JavaScript unhandled exception is appearing in the console and then after my program misbehave after such events (these...
  6. Hi Daniil, no issue you may close this thread we will use the google control. Thanks
  7. Hi, is there any organization chart type control available in Something like this

    If so please provide the...
  8. Hi Daniil,
    I have changed our approach now instead of calling web api, we have directly calling the direct event so that I can easily get the control values automatically, basically I wanted a...
  9. Hi Daniil,
    Removing "Type = Load" creates big query-string which results this error:

    Please suggest, we are also trying to write our own method to achieve this like:

  10. Hi,
    I want to access some page all fields values inside an ASP.NET Web API method as Dictionary, please guide how to achieve that, I want to implement a general purpose code so that ASP.NET Web API...
  11. We have sort out the issue by manage the following code in web.config.

    <add name="X-UA-Compatible" value="IE=Edge" />
    </httpProtocol> ...
  12. Hi Daniil,
    Before posting the issue here, we have already tried that in our masterpage so that it gets applied in all our pages but still no luck, please suggest.
  13. We are facing IE compatibility issue with site which we have created, the same problem we face with viewing on IE with compatibility mode ON, Our users are complaining that...
  14. Thank you @Mimisss, as you suggested, after changing the layout of view-port to BorderLayout and applying region accordingly to other controls the problem is now disappeared. Thanks again.
  15. Hello, Thanks for the reply, we've found the issue it was with below CSS in our code:

    margin: 0 auto;
  16. Hello Team, If we place a toolbar on a view port with "AutoScroll = true" and the view port having lots of controls inside it or place grid with lots of data, then view port shows the vertical scroll...
  17. Hello, in my web-form application the "FileUploadField" control is not showing the file-open dialog on few initial clicks (general first 3 clicks) but then it shows the dialog after I have used some...
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