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  1. sorry

    The problem:

    When I set DisableViewState="True" in the resourcemanager The fetching of the values of the recreated checkbox items in the checkboxlist are not there anymore.
  2. Hi

    I'm using todays build.

    The situation is:

    I recreate dynamically on every request checkboxes for my checkbox lists. This all works and I can read the values and save them.
  3. Just pulled a update from svn and it all works smootley.

    Thanks guys for the fixes the last days!
  4. Super, please let us know when it is available in svn.
  5. Sorry to bug you with this one again ..

    But when you add this line to your web config:

    <globalization culture="nl-NL" uiCulture="nl"/>

    it will override the Locale="nl" in the resource...
  6. never mind..
  7. It look that that works in FF but not in IE ..
  8. Hi

    Just use the basic calendar example and add a weekview:

    <WeekView ID="Weekview1" runat="server" Showheader="true" Showweeklinks="true" Showweeknumbers="true" DDMoveEventText="(not...
  9. That one looks fixed yes, not this one.
  10. The Build from today 22-2-2011 does have this bug.

    I'm pretty sure, to reproduce:

    I reproduced it in he Calendar example (the basic one).

    Changes are in BOLD:

    edit: I removed the...
  11. Ok I downloaded latest svn and this seems to work now.
  12. Maybe this is the case but Its looks more complex:

    The build from 16-12-2010 does not have this bug.
    The Build from 20-1-2011 does not have this bug.
    The Build from 16-2-2011 does have this bug....
  13. This sounds not correct because if I look at: I see

    To set the UI culture and culture for an individual page, set the Culture and...
  14. Using revision 3467

    This will give an exception on my DatePicker...

    I need <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" Locale="nl" /> This worked in a revision a week back. I will revert back to that...
  15. This is weird. I can't reproduce it anymore...
  16. Probably something I overlooked, here it is.

    <ext:DatePicker ID="DatePickerCalendar" runat="server" Width="150">
  17. Hi

    I think there is a localization bug in the Calendar control.

    I have:

    <%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Algn.master" AutoEventWireup="true"...
  18. Yes that worked !
  19. Hi,

    Weird thing about not retaining values of a combobox.

    The combobox component with id 'ddlTargetWeek' is in a topbar in a grid:

  20. Yes it is fixed. It was also the same issue as the link you provided.
  21. ah the old svn was saying it was here:

  22. Hi dev,

    I found a bug in the checkbox. The checkbox does not get unchecked when you click it when it is checked if the InputValue = "0"

    To reproduce click once to check and do another click...
  23. Where did the svn go?
  24. Thread: 1.0

    by Edward
    Congrats with V1 ! :)

    (am i the first?)
  25. @Daniil your solution is too much like a hack to me

    @Vladsch I think your right, the borderlayout manager is not suitable for this.

    BTW I was trying to mimick an explore style view: on top a...
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