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  1. All good now Geoffery,

    The main difference was placing

    if (X.IsAjaxRequest)
  2. Hi Geoffery / Daniil,

    Again thanks for taking the time...

    But it's going around in circles a little now as we are back to the start again :-)

    I am including the same example that I first...
  3. Geoffery, once again I appreciate your prompt reply,

    However, I'm a little confused, how can it work without a Render()?

    Just to recap:

    1. My initial problem was that the formpanel on...
  4. Hi Geoffrey

    Thanks for replying, seems premium is the way to go, however I have to establish that Ext.Net is suitable for me first.

    On the issue at hand the point is that I need to use the...
  5. Just wondering...

    It seems to me there are only two people dealing with issues on this forum, I know I can't expect instant support while using the community version, but if I decide to opt for...
  6. Again Daniil Thanks,

    However there is a problem with Render() for the formpanel while the formpanel is inside a view port, if you try my previous example placing this.FormPanel1.Render(); in the...
  7. Daniil

    Sorry about missing the code tag, will do next time..

    Did you get a chance to look at this?

  8. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for your reply, I didn't use Render before because it gave me a javascript error, as a quick example of what I'm trying to achieve here is a sample page with some mock up data....
  9. Hi,

    I am using a viewport to host a gridpanel with a corresponding formpanel, similar to your FormPanel Basic example, (unfortunately I can't seem to upload screenshot files from my organisation...
  10. Thread: No data showing

    by zaggle
    Thanks Daniil,

    I did have a look at the ObjectDataStore sample but I hadn't noticed it was using a JsonReader rather than an ArrayReader... that did the trick.

  11. Thread: No data showing

    by zaggle

    I have pretty much copied your FormPanel Basic example but supplying a objectDatasource instead of the sample one. I have changed the reader, the column model and TextFields to match the...
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