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  1. I have a tree panel that was working fine in EXT 2.5. We are migrating to EXT 5 and the tree fails to display. As far as I know, the only significant change we made is that one of the other devs...
  2. Thread: Layout issues

    by rgraham
    Thank you for the reply. Still upset with the lack of documentation. What is an hboxlayout? What rules does it apply? What does Flex do? Examples are all good, but not without an explanation of what...
  3. Thread: Layout issues

    by rgraham
    Could anyone tell me how to align things to the right, such as in a panel in a TableLayout parent? This ought to be stupid easy, but it really isn't.
  4. Thread: Layout issues

    by rgraham
    So thanks for your help so far. Another developer fixed the issue I reported earlier with Accordion panel, it was apparently an issue with some JavaScript.

    Now I have a large number of aspx pages...
  5. I redid that in a hurry to reply to your post.

    I did it without the H1 tag originally.
  6. I removed all the html from my ascx user control, and pasted this from your example:

    <h1>Accordion Layout in Markup</h1>

    <ext:Panel runat="server" Width="250" Height="400"...
  7. HI, and thank you for the tip about turning on ScriptMode="Debug"

    I see that there is an error saying "Layout run failed" after I click on any accordion header. After this happens once for each...
  8. Producing a sample of a problem in version migration is nearly impossible without sending the whole application. Pasting the relevant code into a *new* application while hiding all the other code...
  9. OK, I have the tree panels populating now. However, they are contained in a panel with layout="AccordionLayout"

    When I expand or collapse any accordion header, the icon does not change and the...
  10. V5
    We have this code in our V2 ascx markup:

    <ext:Panel runat="server" Width="270" ID="mainMenuPanel" Border="false" Layout="AccordionLayout" AutoScroll="true" Region="Center">

  11. Migrating 2 > 5.

    I got the login dialog working, but the next task is to get a 4 panel page to display correctly. It currently shows the status bar that is supposed to be anchored to the...
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