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  1. You're right Fabricio,

    Earlier, I didn't wanted to set it as leaf because I wasn't sure if it messes up any logic when we add new child record to those empty nodes on client side locally. Setting...
  2. Thanks Fabricio,

    No, my production code doesn't follow that ID generation scheme, it was just sample code that I quickly wrote for other treegrid related question I had. However my current scheme...
  3. Below is the sample code. here all the nodes at root level has their children loaded during the first ajax request. What I want to accomplish is have all of those nodes at root level as expanded by...
  4. Yes..but does Ext.Net has built in solution for marking those record as loaded or it's something I have to manually implement ?
  5. Thanks Fabricio,

    That's what I thought too, I'll just use node as grouping mechanism.

    I have related question, I want to have all first level node expanded initially so I'm adding child records...
  6. Hi Support,

    I'm using Ext.Net 4.5.1 with Asp.Net MVC. I've used grouping for the regular grid in the past by adding feature as follows,

  7. Thanks Fabricio,

    Deleting ActionPostion works for now.
  8. I am using the chart from this link (, I just want to know how to add a listener to CircleSprite which is under Marker, when circle is bigger user...
  9. I've added missing js function, but it could have also worked if you had just commented that line(101) though.

  10. Hi Support,

    After upgrading Ext.Net 4.1 to 4.5.1, drag & drop stop working when you have editable cell. Here is the scenario to reproduce the issue.

    Click on cell which is editable but has...
  11. Hi Fabricio,

    Please see my update in last reply. Also I have fix which seems to help I'm not sure if it's the right one.

    I added Suspend/Resume store event and it improved the performance a...
  12. Thanks for the help Fabricio.
  13. Hi Support,

    After upgrading Ext.Net from 4.1 to 4.5.1, I see drag & drop is slow when store is filtered. I'm attaching sample to reproduce the issue. Try drag & drop before filtering any records...
  14. Hi Support,

    I've treegrid which support row reordering via drag & drop. It works as expected on regular PC but on touch enabled device (Dell Latitude 5285) it behaves inconsistently. So when I...
  15. Hi Fabricio,

    We just upgrade Ext.Net from 4.1 to 4.5.1 and we have the same issue, is this still unresolved?

  16. Hi Fabricio,

    So I was using Ext.Net MVC 4.1, and I upgraded it to 4.5 and all the touch related issue seems to be fixed for now. Seems like sencha did fix to ExtJs in past few releases.

  17. Hi Fabricio,

    I'm not able to reproduce the issue with Ext example site (may be you guys overriding passive flags in javascript) so I'm attaching sample that you can play around. And to reproduce...
  18. Hi Support,

    Ext.Net 4.X ComboBox and DateField trigger doesn't work properly in chrome on touch enabled device, when you click on comboBox trigger arrow it opens and close list instantaneously...
  19. Hi Support,

    I'm using TreeGrid on MVC5 web application. Since treegrid sometimes needs to show 1000+ records I added paging toolbar to the grid. And I'm able to receive paging parameters like...
  20. Hi Support,

    I'm working on MVC application with Ext.Net 4. I've problem align the content of the view to center of the page While using MVC layout. FYI, I only want content coming from view to be...
  21. Hello

    I believe your web.config should point to a JSon.NET equal or greater than 9.0. If they didn't upgrade it from last week already, the current version would be 9.1 and I think the easiest...
  22. I have upgraded v2.5.3 to v4.2, so i am getting the error "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)" for below scripts.

    <link type="text/css"...
  23. Found out what I was missing,

    Instead of

    .DirectClickUrl(@Url.Action("Index", "Home"))

    .Href(@Url.Action("Index", "Home"))

    Now Browser directs happens as expected. Thanks
  24. Thanks Fabricio,

    One of the most common and basic purpose of menu is Navigation. Then for this simple purpose why do I have to go through all this hacks ? If you look into sample code, I've added...
  25. Hi Fabricio,

    I've removed that third party JavaScript library and updated the sample code. And yes I want to have Layout page because that where I'll be placing all my navigational(e.g. Menu)...
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