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  1. Thank you. You can close the topic.
  2. Hi there,

    Could you tell me how to override doStripeRows for 2 cases?

    override for view instance (replacement)
    override for view class

    Thanks in advance.
  3. I've found how to do. Please close the topic for me. Thanks
  4. Hi there,

    Is there any way to override font of numericaxis, categoryaxis and legend, even override standard colors of chart?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there,

    It has been working properly but recently not. Do you know why?
  6. Hi there,

    I'm looking for a way to capture ajax call completed and see this topic

    For instance, a...
  7. Hi there,

    A MVC web application. There is simple form containing fileuploadfield and a button. The button will fire an action on controller.

    public ActionResult Method()
  8. Thank you Daniil.
  9. Hi there,

    A MVC web application. It has a gridpanel, store using extraparams which param mode is Raw.

    According to function description as below
  10. Hi Daniil,

    Finally, I found the solution. You can close the topic.
  11. Hi there,

    My web app is MVC. There is a panel using loader (Mode = Frame) to load an inside aspx page. That panel also has a button to reload the aspx page.

    It works well for the first access...
  12. Hi Daniil,

    So why does it work on IE, Google Chrome but Firefox?
  13. Hi Daniil,

    I don't use zoom in browser. 125% is computer setting.
  14. Hi there,

    My laptop resolution is 1920x1080 and this is another display setup

    with those configurations, there is difference with...
  15. Hi Geoffrey,

    If it is the correct answer then it should prove something correct in script.

    Let take a look at

    I declare
    @ext.LinkButton().RenderTo("orgplaceholder").Text("Link Button")...
  16. Hi Daniil,

    RenderTo does not work either.
  17. Hi there,

    Let see my page have a div and id is 'orgplaceholder'


    I want that link to be rendered into orgplaceholder element but it...
  18. Hi Daniil,

    I did try all of them but

    1. Sync and BeforeSync are not fired.
    2. Load and BeforeLoad are always called whenever the page changed.

    P/S: local paging

    I just want to capture...
  19. Hi there,

    Is there any listeners to capture before request and request callback of store proxy?

    Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi,

    I am using ServerMapping but I see that it does not work if datasource is remoted.

    Do you have any advise?

    Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi,

    I press ENTER in one of fields of formpanel then it redirects to home page. Could you tell me how to prevent that?

    Thanks in advance.
  22. Thank you Daniil. It's now working. You can close the topic.
  23. Hi,

    I've found the cause. You can close the topic.
  24. Hi,

    I have a container, layout id Border. I don't know why the form inside is not refreshed layout when I try to change size of regions.
  25. hi Daniil,

    I called it in Razor
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