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  1. @fabricio.murta, may be you can help me with other question, related with binding, too?

    How can i trigger bind event for componentColumn only after my grid`s store is loaded? Now bind-listener...
  2. @fabricio.murta, thank you for reply.

    In my view besides this grid was other container above but grid wasn`t in container.
    I placed grid into container and problem was solved.

    But i don`t...
  3. Thank you for reply.
    You are right, simple example works fine.
    The reason of so wrong behavior was duplication of forms.
  4. Hello again)

    i have gridpanel with componentcolumn. As component i use formpanel.
    In ComponentColumn`s listeners i have released bind method.
    Why it works twice and after rendering my grid i...
  5. Hi!

    I have two textfields with change-listeners. Why these triggers work at the same time?

  6. Hi everybody!
    I need to add one record to store on button click. On click i call method from controller where i try execute such method:

    this.GetCmp<Store>("storeCoachesForAdd").Add(new {...
  7. Hi everybody!

    I have a GridPanel with ComponentColumn. Component of this column is FormPanel. How can i get data from form for every row of gridpanel?

    Below there is example of structure of my...
  8. Hello.

    In my gridpanel i have componentcolumn with dataview.

  9. Hi, @fabricio.

    I`ll describe my problem in more detail: i need to present list of objects in cell of gridpanel as blocks.
    Next i need to release opportunity to select one ore more of this...
  10. @fabricio, thank you for your reply, but i need to render list to 1 cell of grid, not to whole grid.
    as a solution i tried to use componentColumn and Multiselect as it`s component:

  11. Hi!

    Can you suggest me, how render data from list of objects into cell and every list item should be as separate element (label, for exapmle)?

    DataIndex of column is "TestList".
    TestList is a...
  12. @fabricio.murta, thank you for your reply!

    I tried to use direct method in trigger`s handler, but I get an error " is not a function".
    I checked functions inside
  13. Hi!

    I have a textfield and 2 triggers in it.
    How can I call client-method for one trigger and server-method for second trigger?

    new FieldTrigger() {
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