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  1. Hi Geoffrey,

    Thank you for the quick answer.

    The image for copying we had is drag the column name and copy by Ctrl+C similar for the text selection to the value.

  2. We are implementing grid panel based on following example.

    We are asked by the customer if it would be possible to copy...
  3. Dear @fabricio.murta

    We decided to upgrade

    After the upgrade, the issue does not occur anymore.

    Thank you for your support.

    Please mark as [CLOSED].
  4. Hello @abricio.murta

    Thank you for providing the workaround.

    We tried your script in with the sample program posted before, and it worked.
    However it did not work with our real program. ...
  5. Hello @fabricio.murta

    I found out that we are using 4.1, not 4.8.3.

    This may be the reason the problem only occurs in our end.

    Since we would not like to update to 4.8.3 as much as...
  6. Hi @fabricio.murta

    Could you use below and try reproduce in your environment?
    In our investigation, we found out that the error occurs in the following situation.
    EnableLocking="true" in...
  7. Hello @fabricio.murta

    Unfortunately the problem occurs even I updated chrome to 83.0 or the way you had suggested us. Not only me but also all our project members.
    I wonder what's the...
  8. Hello @fabricio.murta

    The problem seem to reproduce by changing the following example slightly in chrome.

  9. Hi @fabricio.murta

    We have deleted this option IsUpload="true" but there was no difference.

    We have not tried "Web.config MIME type to allow downloading " yet, but since this downloading was...
  10. We would like to obtain the data from GridPanel with checkbox selected by clicking DownloadButton.

    Before adding PagingToolbar, we were able to call DownloadButtonClicked of aspx.cs by clicking...
  11. We are implementing grid panel with horizontal scroll bar.
    When the either action is executed, scrollbar jumps back to the beginning of the unlock column on the left.
    1 Change the column width of...
  12. Now we can show blank.
    Thank you for your help.

    Please mark as [CLOSED].
  13. We have implemented the grid list. The int value seems to be displayed as 0 though the data is null in the database(SQL server).

    Are there any way to not display 0 when null other than changing to...
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