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  1. I have and I made it fit to different screen resolution. How can I load it to external div and limit size by div? If I'll do overflow:auto it will show scrollbars otherwise it will fit...
  2. I need to get count of visible nodes after applying filterBy for TreePanel
  3. Thanks. You can close the thread
  4. Parent control is user control which contain other user controls. So I have page (PAGE), on the page I have user control (PARENTCONTROl) where I load a lot of other user controls (CONRTOL). I do not...
  5. I have FileUploadField on dynamic control. As soon as quantity of dynamic controls can be big, I do not recreate each of them on the server. I'm using parent control direct method to save changes...
  6. I need to select only part of word. Is it possible by some features or should I write custom code?
  7. Is there any feature to highlight search results in TreePanel and GridPanel?
  8. I have set MinValue="0", but spindown event will be fired event if value is 0. Basically I need to know what was the difference between old and new value (spin event do not provide this information).
  9. I have extended TreeGrid to show checkboxes (TreeGridNodeUI renderElements). Now I want to add check all checkbox to the header. Could you please give some advise where to find right method to...
  10. Please use card layout with two panel and try to add and render FileUploadField to not visible panel (not active panel).
  11. Set all ID's explicitly. Works fine. Thanks
  12. I have JavaScript error when trying render FileUploadField on hidden panel:
    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'createChild': object is null or undefined

  13. I have panel where I dynamically load items:

    private void AddDeliveryControl(NGDelivery delivery, string planBindingsStore, string specBindingsStore, string deliveryTypesStore, string...
  14. I need to display kind of custom design where button should be displayed on top of two panels.

    ....... Panel1....|.......Panel2.......
  15. The way with LinkButton is showing really small backround image, but image is 132px X 67px. I have inspected element using Firebug and it set background, but why it is so small (looks like 10px X 2px)
  16. Hello I need to add button with background layer and text from resx file on top. I tryed css for button and linkbutton, but it doesn't work propertly

    ext:LinkButton runat="server"...
  17. I need to customize icons(different collapse/expand images and sizes) for different nodes in treepanel. I found the way to change image, but how to change size(24x24 and 32x32) and specify...
  18. Is it any possibility to get focused or clicked object without setting onfocus and onclick for every object?
  19. Works fine. Thanks.
  20. I'm loading data on expand event in rowexpander. I just need to add loading mask. Somehow mask for internal panel doesn;'t work.
  21. How can I expand first row in GridPanel with RowExpander. Tried afterrender event, but didn't help
  22. I have issue with GridPanel inside rowexpander of another GridPanel. 'Inside' Grid panel is readonly, so I'm using it to display data only. I have removed all selection models from first panel, but...
  23. if(af[])
    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property '3020561': object is null or undefined

    #{DocumentTree}.filterBy(function (node) {return true;});
  24. Tried both Cls and stylespec. Doesn't work
  25. I need to customize combobox and set height for it to loos consistent with our application. I'm not using standard triiger, so it will not a problems with trigger resize.
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