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  1. Awesome! It works!
    Really appreciate!
  2. Hi Fabricio,

    On the attached desktop screen, one of my users has many columns in a grid. She tried to show/hide some columns, but cannot see the bottom of the column list.

    In order to keep...
  3. That is great to know.* * Thank you again.* *
    Please close this thread.
  4. Hi Fabricio, Thank you so much for your advice. Since this is not our urgent request, I can wait a bit more time. Do you think the 7.x or future version may have this feature?
  5. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for your quick response. You are right. My user wants to click the select all and then deselected a few from the long account key option list(see attached screenshot).
  6. Hi,

    Is there any easy way to add a select all checkbox to a grid column list filter?
  7. Awesome! It works as I expected now. Thanks for all your details!
    Please close this thread.
    Thanks again.
  8. Thank you so much Fabricio. That works!

    One thing I want to check with you:
    Most of my grids are dynamically created(like your desktop.AddNewModule()), Somehow the focusFirstWindow() cannot...
  9. I am using 4.8.3.

    The issue can be reproduced with the attached code.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1, The Desktop StartMenu & quickStart menu all look good when app starts.
    2, click on quickStart...
  10. Awesome, that works!
    Thanks, Fabricio!
  11. Hi Fabricio,

    Updated. Removed more unrelated codes. I don't see any unclosed blocks from my editor.
    Please try.
    Thanks -sz
  12. Sorry, I was trying to takeout some unrelated code. Here is the working one:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <script runat="server">
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  13. This can be reproduced by your example code below.

    1, Check a few items from the Company Name filter list, the grid is then filtered by selected items.
    2, click header of Price column, start...
  14. Thanks Fabricio!
    Our proj manager agreed to not change build for this issue at this point.
    Please close this ticket.
  15. Not sure. I need to talk to my team. They are in mid of testing the new build which is scheduled to deliver soon.
    I will let you know.
  16. Hi Fabricio, Do you have the fix for 4.x version too?
  17. Thanks Fabricio!
    We can wait, just let us know when you have a fix.
    Thanks -susan
  18. Using your demo to reproduce:

    1, login,
    2, click Render another module, a dynamic Module icon is appended to the shortcut list on the desktop window....
  19. Got it. Thanks for your help! This issue is resolved.
  20. Thanks Fabricio! I am good on this issue now. Please Close it.
  21. Oh, yes, that works. Just did not know. Please close this one.
  22. I use your desptop code. My user doesn't like the slide panel popping up while the mouse is still 0.5 inches away from the edge. Is there a way to set it only pops up when the cursor reaches the edge...
  23. Hello, On your example

    Try in inspect win.
    It returns false on initial load,
    Type something in...
  24. Hello Fabricio,

    I tried your approach to reset the scollY to a fixed position(600) from the view refresh handler. But it does not work. I found the scroll position is always on top even on the...
  25. Hello,

    After deleting a select row from grid store on client side, the screen should stay on where it was. This works fine with 4.2, but after upgrade to 4.8.2, my grid always goes back to the...
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