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  1. Hi all..

    I have a problem with Time Field that means if the time will display in time field at the time of login by default t will show as PM. means if i login at 10.00 AM then the time...
  2. Hi all,

    I want to show the Data in Grid column As Decimal Format. for this i can try

    <ext:RecordField Name="FieldName" Type="Float" /> in Record Field but the value is 1 then...
  3. Hi all,

    I need Search Button for Gridpanel,at present im using Filters Insted of Search.

    So how can i arrange search for GridPanel.(no for particular column for Entire Colums in...
  4. Hi all,

    i am facing lot of problem with coolite Dll's. here the main problem is till now my project is working fine .but the suddenly the problem will occur that i will attach in my...
  5. Hi, vladimir after adding new dll the problem will be solved.. but i have one more dought ..

    is at present i use 0.8.1 version in my application. if we use 0.8.2 version is there any problems...
  6. Hi all,

    I can get problem in my system when i host my application the error is

    'Could not load file or assembly 'Ext.Net' or one of it's dependencies.The systen can not find the...
  7. Hi all,

    How to fire an event for GridEdit ImageCommand as Dynamically in .cs file with out using listner.plz help me.

    i can attach the screen shot plz solve my problem as...
  8. Ok Fine..

    Thankyou for your reply
  9. Thank you very much will work fine..

    But i have small question how can we add name space....plz tell me..
  10. Hi All,

    I can try to open new browser when i click a button (In cs File).for that i can write
    the following javascript function in button click event.but it is not working
  11. Hi Nabil,

    Thanks it will work fine..
  12. Hi All,

    i want to open an new tab when we click on particular button just like in coollite examples first the home tab will open then if we click any image button in that home tab then...
  13. Hi, All

    The screen will add to tabs to a Tab Panel (Like the examples explorer).when i click a button in one screen then the second tab will also add to the view port(Like the examples...
  14. Hi, All

    I need how to set Gridcolumn width as automatically..(Ex: i have grid column name as Sub Group Name Of The Employee then how the width is set as automatic)

  15. Hi All,

    How to redirect the user control.i have problem on redirect user control.the user control will not accepting the redirect.
    So plz Solve my problem....
  16. Hi All,

    How to redirect the user control.i have problem on redirect user control.the user control will not accepting the redirect.
    So plz Solve my problem....
  17. Hi all,

    In .cs file the data will bind to gridpanel but comming to UI those binding data will not visible.why it will happen and give me the solution.

    Thanks in Advance..
  18. Hi all,

    Can any body know how to set the grid column value up to 3 decimal places..(means if i store data to grid column it will store up to 3 Decimal places Ex:12.123 the grid can store...
  19. Hi All,

    Can i Add the Resource File to my Form.plz Help Me.

    Thanka In Advance.
  20. Hi Vladimir ,

    Actually Event of menu item is not fired.Here..

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Coolite.Ext.Web.Menu menu = new Coolite.Ext.Web.Menu();

  21. Hai,

    I want to fire server side click event for menu items (created runtime) when one item is clicked.
    and i need to get value and text of that menu item in that event.(by using extraparameters...
  22. Hi All,

    I want to hide the grid coloum Based on comboselection.

    I can try these for combo selection event
    <U>In aspx page
  23. Hi All,

    How to fire an event for the radio button which is placed in radio group.

    So, Plz help me.

    Thanks in Advance.
  24. Hi All,

    How To Change GridPanel Header Column Size and Color.

    ( Ex: if i have an grid panel in that i have two header columns i.e Employee Name, Employee No. So what i want is I want to...
  25. Hi All,

    I have a small problem with Time Field.i.e if i place TIme Field on my Form that Time Field Can take The Time Format As P.M.

    So i want the Format As A.M whethet it is A.M and...
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