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  1. Hello @Fabricio

    Know i have other column with the total, but the problem is the char increase a lot, maybe a solution can be if i can set the height for the total column. Do you know if that is...
  2. Hello everyone!

    I have a stack chart with four values, and i want put the sum of those values on the top of the column bar, for example:
    if i have four different status (1,2,3,4) and the values...
  3. Hello Fabricio

    It works fine

    Thanks for yor help :)
  4. Hello everyone

    I want to change the default colors(green, blue, red) for the bars in a chart and also if i can put the total of the all bars in the the top of the last bar.

    I am using the 2.5...
  5. Hello Fabricio!

    Thanks for your advice, i could get the correct format

    Best Regards!
  6. Hello everyone

    I am have trying to use comma for separate thousand, this is my code:

    <ext:ModelField Name="OTC" Type="Float"></ext:ModelField>

    <ext:Column ID="ClmOTC" runat="server"...
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