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  1. Indeed, it does look like it works if the whole page is printed. If you select a sub-section of the form and choose print selection, the checkboxes disappear (at least with the Gray theme). This also...
  2. I had an issue when printing forms with checkboxes where the checkbox marks would not print. This looks like an issue with the background images.

    Original Form:

    Form when printed:...
  3. No worries. Is there a better way to do this? What is the best way of bringing 3rd party extjs code into Is there example code?
  4. Ended up with the following which seemed to work well:

    var legendConfig = new ClientConfig().Serialize(this.LegendConfig);

    For anyone that's interested in using SmartLegend here's a...
  5. I'm attempting to build in SmartLegend into a Chart control. All is working as expected, however I'm wondering the best way to serialise the LegendConfig.

    I tried the following:

  6. Thanks for that, it certainly does help and is exciting.

    When you mentioned they share base code, will these be done in a way so that we can get some code reuse between our Mobile/Desktop views....
  7. Will Ext.Net 4 support the Modern API of ExtJS 6? It'd be great to be able to build mobile apps with a single framework.
  8. Worked it out. Had to change [ConfigOption("series", JsonMode.AlwaysArray)] to [ConfigOption("series", typeof(ItemCollectionJsonConverter))] and a corresponding change in the ConfigOptions.

  9. Thanks for the reply Deniil.

    I have the following collection:

    private HighChartSeriesCollection series;

    [ConfigOption("series", JsonMode.AlwaysArray)]
  10. I'm looking at porting the Sencha wrappper for HighCharts ( for use as Ext.Net controls.

    Before I start writing one by hand, I am curious if the...
  11. I hadn't thought of that. Good idea! Can I hide the border of the TagField?
  12. That example is spot on. What I was hoping to do was enable AutoScroll and have the field grow up to its maximum height and scroll the overflow.
  13. Hi there

    The TagField control doesn't appear to respect the MaxHeight property. For example, if I write a method to add 100 tags to a field through the addTag method, the field continues to grow...
  14. Hi there

    I saw Sencha just announced ExtJS 6 which (apparently) unifies Sencha Touch and ExtJS?

    When this reaches release, will Ext.NET be targeting it?


  15. Looks like this has already been reported. contains the solution.

    Please close this...
  16. Hi There

    I have a grid with many columns / rows and noticed that the Grid Summary feature does not take into consideration the scroll bars when determining the cell positions.

    This can been...
  17. Hi Danill
    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tested against 2.5.3 (which seems to be the current deployed version on NuGet). I can confirm that ImageCommandColumn with a GroupImageCommand works,...
  18. Hi There

    I have an issue when I combine a CommandColumn with GroupCommands and a GroupHeaderTpl. Instead of my GroupHeaderTpl, rendered is object Object (see screenshot below)....
  19. Thanks Daniil.

    You can close the thread, but is there any plans to bring the caseSensitive config option from 4.2.2 to


  20. Hi there

    Is it possible to have the Combobox not be case sensitive when matching values to those in the store?

    For example, the Combobox value is set to "Mr" but the value in the store is "MR",...
  21. I haven't tried yet, I don't see why it wouldn't work though.
  22. Just a minor request

    I use the following piece of code to show/hide a grid's Header Items. It'd be great if such a method could be added to the GridView and/or FilterHeader plugin, especially if...
  23. I need it to maintain the original type that was passed to it. As I have passed an array to the control, I expect the getValue() to return an array back.
    Note that this is how the MultiSelect...
  24. Thanks Daniil. Does the fix include getValue() returning an array vs string?
  25. As requested. Select a row with data, then select the blank row. The TagField is not cleared.

    EDIT: Confirming I'm on the latest Nuget published version (

    <%@ Page...
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