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  1. Does any one knows if the examples in 0.8.2 are going to work or we have only the 1.0 examples?

    Many thanks
  2. Hi,

    I'm having some problems adding new columns to a Gridpanel and store.
    My gold is to, depending on the columns in the query, create column in the gridpanel.

    The result: I only get result...
  3. You can mark as solved

    It was missing a line :

    sf.ParentGrid = GridPanel1;

    Now it works perfectly.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply, but there is my problem.

    I have a GridPanel and want to filter the grid, according to the text field text and use the next code :

    protected void...
  5. I can't access one textfield on server side.

    This is just an example to show my problem. I was trying to simple get the text from TextField1 (coolite control) and put in TexBox1 (asp control).
  6. Thanks.

    So how I can enable the textfield? Can you point a solution?
  7. I'm having some problems with AjaxMethod working on a Webpart.

    I have the same test in an .aspx page and work well. When I transfer the same code to the webpart, I got the next error :
    Error :...
  8. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Many many thanks, it works!!

    I'll go test this new version and give you a review.
  9. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Hi again.

    Do you have any idea when you going to release version 0.8.0 ?
    I'm waiting for this to see if developer in Sharepoint using Coolite or other tool.

    Many thanks
  10. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho

    Do you have any ideia when you go to make available the new release?
    To me version 0.7 doesn't work...

    Happy new year.
  11. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho

    Well with the new version things get worst...
    Now everything don't work.

    I can't load the ScriptManager :(

    I've the script manager in the MasterPage and when load give the next error :
  12. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Here it goes.
  13. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Sorry, did not work... :(
  14. One question.The MenuPanel is not included on 0.6 version?

  15. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    This is the code and in attach the Source Code from the page in Sharepoint.

    using System;using System.Web.UI;
    using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
    using Coolite.Ext.Web;
  16. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Sorry about the above code...

    I've try everything you wrote... I allready add the window to the control, try the .show, .showOnLoad, .centerOnLoad... but with no sucess.

    All the other...
  17. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho
    Well... The problem seem to be only with the Window Control...

    Any ideia????
  18. Thread: SharePoint

    by toinho

    I'm trying to get Coolite to work in Sharepoint but with no sucess...

    Can anyone help me??

    I've the ScripManager in the master page.
    It does not give any erro... simple don't show...
  19. I allready solve the problem.

    It was because I was using Extjs at the same time and have the includes...

  20. Yes, it's a copy from the "Hello World" example.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register assembly="Coolite.Web.UI" namespace="Coolite.Web.UI" tagprefix="cool" %>

  21. Hi.

    I try to use your example "Hello World" to test it, but I get an error.

    Can anyone help me.
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