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  1. Hi,
    please is Ext.NET version 3.X supported in Visual Studio 2017 ?

  2. Hello,
    I wanted to implement drag/drop plugin as was described in

    I copied files to folder and...
  3. Hi Geoffrey,
    thanks. As I have read 3.3 is the last official Ext.NET 3 release. Is MS Edge browser supported by 3.3 verison ?

  4. Hello ,
    please one question. Today I have red about new version EXT.NET 4. But for me as single user it is very expensive.
    I bought Ext.NET 3 licence at the end of 2014 and I would like to know how...
  5. Hi Daniil,
    you are right. I had Compatibility mode. When I removed it from my code it is correct.

  6. Hello Daniil,
    it seems that it is problem of IE. Error is inserted to eventlog when IE11 is used. Chrome and Firefox are OK.

  7. Hello,
    but I used Theme="Default" for all my pages because I want to have BLUE theme. And mentioned error stayed in event. log.


  8. Hello,
    please I have this problam. After migration project to 3.2 my EventLog is full of alert message

    Event code: 3012
    Event message: An error occurred processing a web or script...
  9. Hi,
    thanks very much. It solved my problem

  10. Hello Daniil,
    for example I used one from list of examples where I inserted editor for datecolumn and cellediting plugin.

    <ext:DateColumn runat="server" DataIndex="dateCol"...
  11. Hello,
    please could you help me ?

    After update from 2.5 to 3.2 I have problem with viewing first day of week in datecolumn calendar. Using regonal setting I had correct first day (Monday) in...
  12. Hello,
    I would like to continue this thread. After instalation V 3.2.1 and migration my project to this version I received same error in IE11. Trouble is that some computers generate this error but...
  13. Hi,
    sorry for my delay. In standard mode in IE10,IE11 it was OK.

    But now I have small problem I do not know where DLLs in SVN trunks are saved. Please can you send me link ?

  14. Hello,
    please I have this problem. After updating my project from v2.5.3 to 3.5.1 there is problem with viewing EXT net componenet in IE9. Firefox and Chrome are OK. I created easy page using...
  15. Hi Daniil,
    thanks very much. Now it is OK.
  16. Hello,
    please I have the same question as was mentioned in text above. Please does any solution exist ?

  17. Hi,
    thanks both. I will try it to change according your advices


  18. Hi Vladimir,
    thanks. I tried to adjust sql tables and view and result is: SQL table with 20 000 rows, select response all records in computer where I have development tool is 1 sec.

    But still I...
  19. Hello,

    I changed all which you wrote below. Grid is not editable and I used BufferedRenderer plugin and paging - 350 rows per page. I think that my problem is time of loading rows from database....
  20. Hello

    please could you help me with my problem ?

    I have page similarly designed as in . But there are about 20 000 records in my...
  21. Hello Daniil

    thanks very much . It is possible to close it. I checked once more all java scripts and repaired some warnings and removed java srcipts from apsx file to js file. And now It is OK,...
  22. Hello Daniil,
    thanks. After recommended settings I received this error specification

    TypeError: doc.createEvent is not a function
    var event = doc.createEvent('HTMLEvents');

  23. Hello,

    please could anyone help me ?
    During testing my programs in Firefox tool Firebug I have received " l.createEvent is not a function" - ext.axd?v=10682 (row 18).

    This error appears after...
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