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  1. Anotado seu e-mail ... pode remover das repostas se assim preferir
  2. Thanks Daniil for recommendation :)

    E Raphael, não achei uma forma de te mandar uma mensagem em particular. Te adicionei como amigo para que possamos conversar.
  3. Tried this ... but doesn't works too ...
  4. I have this json string, how can I use it to load a store and show it on a grid panel?

    "guid": "1",
    "new": false,
    "Id": 1,
    "Name": "Isabelle V. Barton",
  5. Why when I do this:

    Object.prototype.extends = function (from, impl) {
    //do something

  6. We are looking for a professional to work on a project at least four years for the development of all frontend application using Ext.NET.

    Here, we work with Scrum to manage the sprints and the...
  7. As I promised, here is the index tutorial link which was presented at Devcon Gescla. (

    The tutorial consists of 10 items and continues to grow...
  8. I?m creating a simple example and I need to know if there is another way to get the components in javascript code without use the "Ext.getCmp()"?

    MyApp.Button3Click = function() {
  9. Here is my humble contribution.
    I hope that this will be able to help in this forum.

    In portuguese (pt-br)
  10. I found an XSS injection on NumberField component.

    Here is the steps to reproduce this issue.

    Create new project;
    Put this code;

    <form runat="server">
    <!-- Resource...
  11. I use Aptana Studio to develop my .js files, and I tried to set with Aptana intellisense. My own .js files work as well, but, how can I configure the files to work with Aptana Studio,...
  12. Hi Daniil, Geoffrey.

    Thanks for replies.

    I'll renew my premium account.

    And yes, mark as closed. Please.
  13. I sent an email at 03/05/2013 to and I don't received any replies yet.
    So, here is the email body.
  14. Hi.

    My svn directory was pointing to /trunk and not for /premium, root directory.

    My fault. :)

    Mark as closed please.

  15. How can I obtain the last version before update to version 2.0.
    I search by versions on the svn, but did found nothing.

    I took a look at...
  16. Before I start.

    It's possible to implement this example
    In a TreeGrid panel?

  17. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for the answer. Not a good news, but no problem I'll try another approaching.

    Please. Mark as closed.

  18. What I'm doing wrong when I use a store to populate MultiCombo.

    As you can see in the example bellow the MultiCombo doesn't keep the selection if I click next page and select new records.

  19. Hi Daniil.
    Hi Baidaly.

    Thanks again for the answers.

    I'll update to version 2

  20. I'm implementing the both examples in my app

    this and this

    But my...
  21. How can I detect if control is disabled or not, or if is readonly or not?
  22. Hi Daniil.

    We decide to use a notification window.

    Mark as closed, please.


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