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  1. Hello Bob!

    As far as I can understand, you should only call destroy() to the 'part-issue-list' xtype once the callback is run. So you probably want to move the destroy() call to within the...
  2. Hello @Dennis!

    Thank you for the straightforward test case, I could reproduce the issue here!

    It seems I found just the topic where somebody else complained about the same issue: Data in the...
  3. Hello @Peter.Treier!

    Sorry you found another issue with the tabs not behaving the same way they did in 2.5.x with the latest Ext.NET.

    Can you provide a test case so we can, based on that, tell...
  4. Hello @Dennis!

    There are some nice test cases with master page shared in the forums, if you search google for: master page;

    To name a couple:
    - Layout Design using Master...
  5. Hello @Peter.Treier!

    Thanks for the feedback, and glad the proposed solutions worked for you!

    Notwithstanding, we are going to post an update here as soon as we get the fix to Ext.NET sources,...
  6. Hello Bob! We are thrilled that the workaround worked for you!

    That is said in belief that, for the needs your project has, you needed to pass custom options to the submission, instead of...
  7. Hello @Peter.Treier!

    I am afraid this is an issue and it has been there at least since Ext.NET 4. As these events are Ext.NET-specific (they are not available in Ext JS alone), some changes to how...
  8. Hello again, Bob!

    Yes, definitely.

    Yes for this one, too. In fact, your license enables you also to use the upcoming Ext.NET 7 (but it is meant to work only under ASP.NET Core and won't...
  9. Hello Bob!

    The first screenshot you shared, can you share its URL? The part after ext.axd?, at least.

    We have an automated process that updates the header version in those files, so they should...
  10. Hello @lu7jm!

    I'm afraid there's no workaround for the time being. We are still in early iterations of the development, once the project reaches closer to be done, there will be means to make...
  11. Hello again, @lu7jm!

    This one is a no-go right now, for the events related to grouping are not currently wired up to the grid panel (or its view) list of supported listeners (or direct events).
  12. Hello @lu7jm!

    I see that you (also) missed the icons in Ext.NET 7. This is actually a known issue, logged in github and we'll definitely make it work until final release is out.

    But assuming...
  13. Hello @lu7jm!

    For your question (1), I can't be sure about what to answer unless you are more specific in which kind of grouping are you talking about. Which of these Ext.NET 5 examples most...
  14. Hello Arthur!

    You can clear filters straight in the store, as you're doing, but the store can't tell what uses it. In fact, a single store can be shared among different components, and "copies" of...
  15. Hello again @Kerry!

    The toolbar components are not automagically installed and appended to Visual Studio as you install/upgrade the NuGet package. You have to follow some manual steps to create...
  16. Hello @Kerry!

    What toolbox are you specifically referring to? Designer view?
  17. Hello @muhammadantoniussony!

    Disabling or enabling the listener you added:

    <Ready Handler="Ext.get('ux-taskbar-start').addClass('x-hide-display');" />
  18. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback!

    Remember to add a commend like "this may break in a new Ext.NET release" because that's basically an extension and there's no guarantee a change in private...
  19. Hello @Dennis!

    In the way you show you are already at code behind, I believe you can just add your server logic to do the update (if anything really changed db-wise).

    But as far as automated...
  20. Hello Susan!

    This should help making the change affect only and only grids you explicitly specify which target zIndex you want for the menus.

    First, add this override to the column header...
  21. Hello @Kerry!

    First you'd need to upgrade thye NuGet Packages references. You can use Visual Studio 2019 "NuGet Package Manager dialog" for that. Basically, the Newtonsoft.Json and Ext.NET (or...
  22. Hello @Dennis!

    You missed the definition of Client.Data, and I am assuming a simple wrap-up like this should work:

    public class Data
    public class Client
  23. Hello @lu7jm!

    Yes, the <feature> block is still not supported in the grid panel, so that won't work for now.

    I have realized it is currently exported in Ext.NET 7 as a property and the...
  24. Hello @lu7jm!

    Would you mind wrapping code blocks within
    tags? You can edit your post above and add the tags.

    Ext.NET 7 is very high fidelity with Ext JS API, so at any time you'd have full...
  25. Hello Zev!

    I'm afraid the IsUpload setting limits direct events in regard to the aspect you want to explore due to the nature uploads works in browsers.

    Instead, you may tie the After event to...
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