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  1. Hi,

    Regarding the post:

    [CLOSED] ComboBox inside DropDownField causes it to collapse on item selection

    We have the same problem with a GridPanel inside a DropDownField control. When a...
  2. Yes,

    I bind the control's value manually, and then added its value in submit parameters.

  3. Well,

    I have an UserControl with lot of controls loaded into a Panel, and this UserControl is used in other views.

    So, adding SubmitValue property to all these control would be a problem.
  4. Hi,

    Is any way to avoid a control into a FormPanel (or all controls inside a panel) to be submitted?

  5. Hi again,

    Any solution to this problem?

  6. Hi,

    We need to change toggle state on client side for several buttons (bold, italics,...) inside a ButtonGroup.

    When we call toogle function with or without a boolean value, it dissapears.
  7. Hi,

    I'm setting fontWeight style to a div element in this way:

    "font-weight": div.getStyle("font-weight") == 'bold' ? 'normal' : 'bold'

    But it looks like this only...
  8. Hi again,

    Is there any way to change this default drag text?

    Dest regards,

  9. Hi,

    Updated with last Beta 2 version, it looks like a draggable and resizable item is not showing its corresponding size when the item is being resized.

    When throw a tree node to create a new...
  10. Hi,

    It is now working again with Ext.NET v2.0.

    In my previous version, omousedown and onmousemove events were set at div elements when they were build dynamically. But now, as startDrag event...
  11. Hi,

    When a TreeNode item is being dragged in Ext.NET v1.0, information about the icon and the text of the node was shown:

    Now, in...
  12. Ok,

    I finally find it:


    Thank you very much.
  13. Hi,

    Regarding this other thread based on Ext.NET v1.X:

    Drag selected items

    We are now moving our prototype to Ext.NET v2.0. We have almost all our required functionality working on Beta 2...
  14. Hi again,

    How do I activate double click option over Editor control?


  15. Yes. it works.

    But if I add an Editor control to the draggable and resizable div, after end resizing it, the div becomes editable.
  16. Updated to las Beta 2 version, but still the same problem...

    Any solution or suggestion?
  17. Hi again,

    Well, I added a DragTracker control to the previous sample code as shown in examples explorer:

    In this way, it looks like...
  18. Hi,

    Regarding this other post:

    Resizable & Draggable items

    When several items are thrown over the target area, if one item is resized up or down, and later another one is resized too, all...
  19. Hi again,

    This functionality could be done just with this sample code:

    var dd = new Ext.dd.DDProxy(el, "tree2div");
    dd.startDrag = function () { this.constrainTo("drop-target") };

  20. Hi,

    Based on these other threads:

    Visual Report Designer

    Create dynamic selectables, resizable and draggable labels

    Avoid drag items outside their own area
  21. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Your information looks really helpful.

    Our idea is to translate all our designer sample code to Ext.NET v2.0. But in this way, we need to migrate also...
  22. Yes!

    Thanks, that's my fault...
  23. Hi,

    I would like to get a JSON array using Raw mode, more or less like this:

    <ext:ConfigItem Name="data" Value="[{ a: 1, b: 2 } { a: 2, b: 3 }]" Mode="Raw" />...
  24. Hi,

    Is there any estimated date to Ext.NET 2.0 official release?

    Best regards,

  25. Hi,

    Maybe it was noticed before, but in sample it is not working the Draggable propery on the Resizable control when the "Show me" button...
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