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  1. awr--shit i forgot:


    Sorry, i hope that helpes someone else too.
  2. Hi guys,

    i am trying to create a Dropdown list / Combo Box in my project. This DropDown should be filled with data of the model, but it just stays blank :

  3. forgott isUpload = true, can be closed.
  4. How is it possible to download a file with a directEvent on a node in a GridPanel. I pass the path of the file to the controller:

    .DirectEvents(de =>
  5. fixed that issue. can be [CLOSED]
  6. fixed with help from

    how can i pass the id of the clicked node in:

    de.ItemClick.ExtraParams.Add(new Parameter("path", HERE...
  7. i did it now exactly like in the examples but it does not work :


    var onSuccess = function (grid, data) {;
  8. hi,
    i got a GridPanel as follows:

  9. already a lot of views and nobody knows why this is not working for me?

    var nodeLoad = function (view, record, item, index, event) {
    var nodeId =;
    var path...
  10. ok guys got the path of the clicked node in my function with record:

    var nodeLoad = function (view, record, item, index, event) {

    How is it now possible to call the DirectMethod of my...
  11. In addition:

    i got this in my @headtag script block:

    var nodeLoad = function () {

    and added this to my treepanel:
  12. Hi everyone ,
    i got a TreePanel with a few nodes. I'd like to add a Direct Method or sth like that on every single node, so that i can call a method
    on the Controller with the oid of the node as...
  13. fixed with direct event instead of a listener.
  14. i'm trying to use now a normal ext:button instead of a GridCommand.
    Will tell you what i found out after.

    Edit: In V1 i cannot add :

    <ext:ComponentColumn runat="server" Flex="1">
  15. Hey guys,

    a few weeks ago, we bought some licences in our company for and now there comes up my first question :-)

    I already looked up other threads here to find the answer but nothing...
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