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  1. Our new application using ASP.NET (MVC) and EXT.NET (MVC). Please check and provide your feedback.
  2. Our new application using ASP.NET (MVC) and EXT.NET (MVC). Please check and provide your feedback.
  3. Hi matrixwebtech,

    Many thanks for your replay. Your posts give me some ideas that solved the issues.

    For issue 1: you can generate a dynamic ID from the server based on the row number while...
  4. Please help me !
  5. Any solution, please.
  6. Dears,

    Kindly, I am using Ext.Net MVC version 3 and I am facing some issue when using RowExpander to load a remote grid based on some parameters.

    1-How can I access the loaded sub-grid store to...
  7. Hello AMfabricio,

    Thanks for your effort, I have used Handsontable grid and it provide what exactly I need. As it work like excel as well.

    Thanks again and hope to have your support in further...
  8. Thanks for your efforts, I have tried your suggestion but no news. I think your example is working because it is not using componentcolumn. Also in my code I have js error while I am trying to edit...
  9. You need Lib_MainDataDetail as well, please find below:

    // <auto-generated>
    // This code was generated...
  10. Hello Fabricio,

    Thanks for your kind replay, please review the below details:

    // <auto-generated>
    // ...
  11. Hello Fabricio,

    Many thanks for your fast response and efforts. I think in my case I don't have post back function as in the attached examples the issue was in post back from server. But I am not...
  12. Hi All,

    I have the below code, when I am trying to insert a new row using Add button, it works well for first row but any new insert it clear all gird !!.
    Please help me, I cannot find any...
  13. Any update please ?
  14. Hi All,

    I am using EXT.NET MVC. I have the following codes:

    @model IEnumerable<WebApplication1.Models.SourcesType>

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