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  1. Dear Support,

    We have a gridpanel with combobox as a component column, first time the combobx was working fine, but after refreshing or reloading store it shows only value field not the component....
  2. Thanks for your support, It's working fine now.
  3. Here is the full error message :

    Message from...
  4. Hi, we put all settings in global.asax as advised in your example (simple multiupload), but get the following error :

    Exception Message

    Invalid viewstate.
    Client IP:...
  5. Hi,

    We want to render the treepanel content by selecting value from a combobox, or what is the best way to do it. here is runnable sample code.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register...
  6. Hi,

    We want to apply all properties( in this case numberfield) in order to deactivate

  7. Hi,

    We are facing a problem with server side filtering for TreeGrid. We need to filter a TreeGrid by reloading data into store. The store binding is working fine but the TreeGrid is not reloading....
  8. Thanks for reply,

    I removed the start and limit parameters but it still the same problem. I just want to know if it worked for you (version 2.1) ?

    I tried with PageSize <=21 and it worked...
  9. Hi, please check this full sample .

    We want just to take your attention with the 2 following points :

    with bottom bar : the gridpanel is showing fine with the autoload parameter "Limit" set...
  10. Hi,

    we are developing and supporting our project in with Ext.Net, and we need to be in both English and arabic interface. We were able to fix it in the versions 1.x, by mainly making...
  11. Hi,

    We have an issue when binding a store in gridpanel when the count of the rows are over 20. The gridpanel is using pageproxy and we bind on server side. In version 2.0 every thing was working...
  12. Thanks Daniil, but still almost same issue. It's ok for record value, it is updating well the record but the component is not showing the value, the component value is empty but show the updates red...
  13. Hi,

    We need to retrieve the cell id or the row index in GridPanel with Component Column. We tried with "CellSelectionModel" and "RowSelectionModel" but without success.
    As you can see in the...
  14. Hi,

    We are developing a set of similar screens (lock-up tables) with linqdatasource in order to bind with a GridPanel and all CRUD operations.
    We have some issues with remote paging. Could you...
  15. Yes, we access with the items property but in our case no success.

    We use the below function to create a new window and load the page "Jobs_Add.aspx" (which is a detail form). We want to keep this...
  16. Yes you can, we post twice by error !
  17. Hi,

    We have a dynamic window created on client side. Within this window, there is a loader that loads another page. This last page include a formPanel as child and other components (like...
  18. Thanks, It's working fine now.
  19. Hi,

    We are facing a serious problem when using Grouped Header columns with Row Editor.
    The data are displayed correctly but when editing the row, the data and the component (numberfield) are not...
  20. Thanks Daniil. It works.

    Mark as Closed.
  21. Hi,

    We want to set a customized style for a textfield, text-align, background,..... (as an Editor in a GridPanel). We already tried before but without success.
    We are using the plugin :...
  22. Hi ,

    I have a problem with a textfield and checkbox. They are included in a fieldset and this last is included in FormPanel.

    If you see the code below, the data on server side is retrieved and...
  23. Thanks a lot Vladimir, It works fine now.

    Please mark as closed
  24. Hi,

    I have a main page with TabPanel and inside it 4 panels (north, south, east, west and Center).

    In one page loaded in a new panel within the Tabpanel, I want to access the parent page from...
  25. Thanks Daniil

    It works fine now.

    Please mark as CLOSED.
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