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  1. Hi geoffrey,

    a question about future...

    If I buy a single license before 31/12/2014 with premium support and then, on next years I periodically renew my premium subsciption ... on the future...
  2. hi Daniil,

    thanks for your help. For the moment I solved it applying a delay to the blur listener. It's not pretty but works.


  3. Hi,

    I need to find the best approach to resolve this scenario:

    I have a textfield with 2 leftbuttons and 3 rightbuttons.

    I need that only one of the rightbuttons shows when textfield has...
  4. Hi,

    I think i have found a bug:

    If you set on a textfield some left and right buttons and also specify leftbuttonsshowmode and rightbuttonsshowmode to focus, only rightbuttons appears on focus....
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