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  1. Thanks for providing the excellent samples. We will investigate and try to figure out what's going on here. Your code looks correct, so this should work as expected.
  2. Hi MidnightRiders. Thanks for the sample. This doesn't look like a straightforward task. It's going to take us more time to run some tests and try to come up with some options. We will post a...
  3. Thanks for the update. We will look into adding this records check to the SelectBox.
  4. Hi. Can you edit your original post and repaste with some code formatting? Please wrap the code samples in [CODE] tags.

    As well, please remove all code that is not required to demonstrate the...
  5. Ext.NET 2.x is no longer being updated, so no bug fixes or new releases.

    We will try to provide technical support when we can. If you have a specific technical support question and a code sample...
  6. Hi. Maybe the following question and my response could help with your scenario:

    We have the following...
  7. We're working to improve the API documentation, Tutorial, and Guides for the upcoming Ext.NET 6.0 release (ASP.NET Core 3), but for now, the Ext JS documentation is very helpful.

  8. Maybe an HBoxLayout like the following would help? The Flex property is also very helpful for positioning and proportional positioning.

    <ext:Panel runat="server"
  9. Hi. I apologize for the lack of response. Unfortunately, we only have the support staff available to focus on Premium support members and Premium forum threads.

    The Community forums are not...
  10. Hello. The components use the Layout property, and there are many different Layout options. The Examples Explorer has many layout samples.

    Hope this...
  11. It appears the following was added to the top of the DateField.js file to work-around this AjaxControlToolkit issue:

    // @source core/form/DateField.js

    Date.prototype.extadd =...
  12. Can you post a sample demonstrating how this ascx is being included?

    Including the <h1> tag at the top seems suspicious, but would depend on how you're including the ascx in the parent page.

  13. Which sample from the Examples Explorer are you testing? this one?

    And to confirm, you copy the sample exactly as is into your local...
  14. Setting ScriptMode="Debug" on your Ext.NET ResourceManager will output the -debug version of the .js files which should help the browser Developer Tools to point to a specific line.

    Hope this...
  15. Maybe a JavaScript error is being thrown. You can confirm by opening the Developer Tools and viewing the Console tab.

    A proper sample demonstrating how to reproduce the issue would help us...
  16. Hi. Are there any samples in the Examples Explorer that demonstrate something similar to your requirements?
  17. Hi. Could you edit your original post and re-paste your code samples with proper indentation and formatting? Posting your code samples within [CODE] tags will apply syntax highlighting.
  18. How about setting the .Html property of a Panel?
  19. Hi. Please edit your post above and re-post your code with proper formatting. You can wrap your code samples in [CODE] tags.
  20. Looks like this has something to do with a DirectMethod. Any chance you could help us isolate a sample that demonstrates how to reproduce?
  21. Answered on StackOverflow.
  22. As mentioned by Fabricio above, configuring an <ext:Window> is your best bet for that scenario.
  23. Thanks for providing the code sample. What responsive changes to the interface would you like to see occur?

    In Fabricio's response above he linked to a sample demonstrating a ResponsiveConfig,...
  24. I don't believe the HtmlEditor supports this type of functionality.
  25. Hi cslocus,

    Can you post what you have working so far? Please post inside of [CODE] tags.
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