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  1. Hello Zev!

    Thanks for your feedback, and glad it really solved the problem you were facing, both in the test case and in your production environment!

    The fix proposed above was merged in...
  2. Hello, just a small update related to one of the point you raised in this thread.

    I happened to report the issue with CloseOthersTabs up to Sencha, and they have this fixed. The perfect...
  3. Hello @tMp!

    I don't think the "x-mask" is used on all components when they are disabled, can you be more specific? The example in the forum thread you pointed still works for me.
  4. Hello Zed!

    You reuse the components arbitrarily, or is every tree item bound to a fixed set of panels?

    If the latter, you can use a card layout with deferred render enabled. Card layouts set up...
  5. Hello @Z!

    With further investigation we mentioned in our last post, it was identified an issue where Ext JS has a failing check that would allow the event only to trigger when the value was...
  6. Hello @Z!

    We got your issue!

    Something interesting about it is, usually when examples comes with window.alert() calls, I change them to Ext.toast() to avoid the nuisance of clicking 'ok' to...
  7. No solid dates for now; although we have Ext JS 7 launched already, we are still working on merging and also code cleanup due to the major version switch.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Hello @Master15!

    It's the other way around: The BoxReorderer plug in has been updated and the version currently up does not fully implement it.

    It has already been logged and merged via issue...
  9. Hello @phoenix!

    I was planning to write about the aria bit in your message but in the end I forgot about it.

    [quote=Phoenix]Setting Ext.enableAriaButtons = false; Ext.enableAriaPanels = false; ...
  10. Hello @Phoenix, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    It seems you found a bug! Unfortunately, we don't have a fix for this you could use for the time being, other than avoiding the scenario, which is...
  11. Hello @Vamsi!

    Glad the solution was acceptable, thanks for the feedback!
  12. Hello @Z, and thanks for your support!

    We have logged this breaking change and assigned it to the change log in Ext.NET 4.8.0, where it was introduced.

    The breaking change report is logged in...
  13. Hello again!

    We have reported the problem in Sencha forums and also logged it under our own bug tracker under issue #1650. Hopefully this will get solved before 5.0.0 final makes it out!

  14. Hello @Master15,

    I'm not sure we can deem this a bug, I see the theme has it strictly set not to allow a text field narrower than 150 pixels. I wonder if this comes from some standardization of...
  15. We have just pushed Ext.NET 4.8.3 which includes the fix to the TabCloseMenu plugin, along with a fix to incompatibility with Internet Explorer (legacy) browsers.
  16. Hello @Z!

    Just in case, we have just pushed Ext.NET 4.8.3 package to NuGet. It includes the fix for the Internet Explorer issue, plus a fix to the TabCloseMenu plugin where it was not displaying...
  17. We have just pushed Ext.NET 4.8.3 to NuGet, including the fix to this Internet Explorer compatibility!
  18. Hello @radhyps!

    We ended up solving this one via issue #1649, reported a few days ago. And we will wrap up a 4.8.3 release to include a fix to this issue.

    To avoid the double threads, we will...
  19. Okay, Zev, we will work in a next public release you can use with IE11.

    I believe a test with Ext.NET 5 would be worthwhile, you should give it a try. Just bear in mind it is not ready for...
  20. Hello Zev!

    Unfortunately this has not been included in Sencha's release notes -- at least not in a clear/intuitive way -- but this behavior has been changed -- contract and all between Ext JS...
  21. Hello Zev!

    As you noticed, we already received a report, and fixed, this issue. Please follow this thread with the original report:

    - Login window display issue on IE only (all version 11 - 10...
  22. Hello @Vamsi!

    What you suggest makes sense, but some might think of the nodes as "folders", so "by default" they are "empty folders".

    And in fact, as you noticed, it is by default a folder...
  23. Hello Dan!

    Glad you could work it out in the end, and yes, the override should take place in every independent page and should be run right after the Ext.NET base scripts (not the "init script",...
  24. Hello @Master15!

    I've tried several existing examples in Examples Explorer and also creating a simple form using material theme, and the fields simply obey whatever I define as its Width.

  25. ...and we just fixed it!

    This will make it to the next public Ext.NET release, be it another preview/prerelease or final, whichever comes first!..
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