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  1. Is their any work around for version 0.8.2?
  2. Hi Guys is there any way to shuffle portlets from Code behind after page render?
  3. Hi How to Open Model window at required position.
    I've got webpage with scroll bar when i scroll down and click to open model window, it opens but i need to scroll up in webpage to see that.

  4. Thread: Preloader

    by designworxz
    How to create preloader?
  5. Anybody?
  6. Thanks mate it worked
  7. Thanks for replying i did same but again Bold text comes out to normal when updating Label.

    <strong>Text </strong> comes Text only.
  8. Hi How to update Fieldset so that it display Htmleditor text
    On my page i've got htmleditor and Fieldset.
    In codebehind am doing Fs.update(htmleditor.text).
    This one works but partially. It...
  9. Hi, Is there any way to insert or replace image using HtmlEditor?
  10. In my webpage i got window with FileUpload Control and
    2 buttons Upload and Cancel. Cancel redirects to other page. But its failing.

    I tried Response.redirect, Response.redirect fails if webpage...
  11. Response.redirect fails if webpage is having Fileupload Control.
  12. How to Save file in FileUploadField ?
    As used to do in .SAVEAS("path")
  13. Hi vladimir,

    I used your code for removing item from Dataview. It deletes the file. But
    Dataview doesnt resfresh

    deleteSelected = function(view) {
    var records = view.getSelectedRecords();...
  14. How to display Images from DataBase field (Image) in DataView?
    Using ObjectDatSource and Store
  15. How to restrict it to add only one file and how to get uploaded fileName
  16. Hi Vladsh,

    Did you sort this out.As am also getting same error when uploading files.
  17. How to add remove Items in MultiSelect.
    Am adding it through codebehind when user selects Checkbox on that event am adding Item.
    see Code. But after addition its no showing added item.

    And how...
  18. But that can be called through handler.

    How can i call that handler from Javascript to execute Server Side Method.
    My problem is when clicking on details Column in GridView Panel. I want to get...
  19. How to call serverSide method from javascript

    Am doing this

    var cellClick = function(grid, rowIndex, columnIndex, e) {
    var t = e.getTarget();
    var record =...
  20. hi

    Am using this uploadControl
  21. Whay Htmleditor always shows code inside Body Tag.
    Rest it trims. Is their any way to disable this ?
  22. Hi i've got DataView which is binded with Store. And fileupload control which uploads file.
    After upload i want to refresh dataview to show upload image.

    Please help
  23. Hi Vladimir,

    How to get selectedItem name in Code Behind am desperately looking for answer.
  24. Hi Vladimir ,

    How to get selected Item in DataView, pls help me am Stuck ? I their any tutorial Site for Coolite ?
  25. HI

    How to get selected filename in CodeBehind for DataView advanced sample.
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