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  1. Hi I am trying to initilized the CheckboxSelectionModel with an itemID of ItemID="cbsmPremiumSelect"

    These are the different ways I've tried it:

    this._cbsmPremiumSelect =...
  2. Hi all,

    I have these two methods that I want to override, but not for the entire class only for a particular instance of the class.

    Currently the methods are overriding all the check boxes in...
  3. Before doing that, where is the logic or behavior that prevents the headerCheckBox from being selected if, not all records are selected? Is there not a way to override the onHeaderClick method to...
  4. Thank you for you reply @fabricio.murta !

    So, to create a custom checkbox to handle my custom select and deselect certain items. How do I add it in the columnModel to show up as a header?

  5. Hi All,

    I am stuck on trying to only allow selection of certain items in a grid with a status of "Approved". I have some of it working by using this:

  6. Hi @fabricio.murta

    Thank you for your reply that worked for me!
  7. Hi @fabricio.murta,

    Thank you for your reply!

    So I am not too sure about the concept of temporary storage that the store uses, but what I know is that. Since these records haven't been...
  8. I have a formPanel that has 4 controls and one of them is a _tab2BGrid.
    Which is called MainTabGrid and that extend to another control called GridPanelControl and that is extended from the grid...
  9. I have a forum which has 4 expandable subtabs and one of them has a grid.In this function below I am checking if the tabs have been modified/changed or are "dirty" to be able to save the main tab.
  10. Hi fabricio.murta,

    than k you for your reply, how exactly would I usenumber formatting with a renderer..? (I am fairly new to ext.js)
  11. Hi,
    I have 5 dimension fields length, width, height, diamteter, net weight, and gross weight using the NumberField control and I can't seem be able to save 0's to the database or display them on...
  12. I have about 20 columns in real model, but I can't seem to order it the why I want to. I want to order them how I have them in the list.

    <ColumnModel ID="colModel">
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