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  1. Hi @fabricio.murta
    Thank you so much for your suggests.
    I am using Ext .Net server-side objects, so I need C# codes instead of Razor ones.
    So I found this and it works:

    var modelField = new...
  2. Hi Community!
    The following code block is creating store of a 100% stacked-bar chart in Ext Web Form.

    <ext:Store runat="server" Data="<%# Data %>"...
  3. Actually there were no special steps. I created a new project then I executed the latest Ext command in Nuget console in order to have Ext dll in my new project. But I got this error in every time...
  4. ok.Thanks Daniil.
  5. ok ! thanks Daniil.
    I thought Javascripts 'disabled' property must have work with Ext Js objects since it is within the possible properties of the object.
    and about enable() and disable()...
  6. Hi,
    There is a problem when I want to Disable my controls on form panel,It seems like a bug to me!
    When I use 'setDisabled' method for my controls, it works completely right.

  7. If you have a Float type Number Field in your Grid Panel and you want numbers being displayed with both Thousand separator and Point on a grid you can use following code:
    Upto Ext Version 2.4:

  8. I found it! Thank you so much Daniil.
    The problem was exactly because of rendering time of controls inside the panel!
  9. Hello !
    If you use 'BaseCls' property of button EXT,your css will work perfectly on your button :)

    <ext:Button ID="SendButton" runat="server" ToolTip="Gönder" BaseCls="button_type_4...
  10. Hello Daniil.
    Thanks for your reply.
    Actually I've started a new project at home, so I have tried to add EXT .Net dll to an empty MVC project, and I've moved from VS 2010 to 2015.In addition, my...
  11. I've changed my visual studio to 2015 and I'm using .NET Framework 4.6 in my project,when I use 'Install-Package Ext.NET.MVC' command in Packet Manager Console to upgrade Ext.NET.MVC dll from
  12. oh! ok! thanks Daniil.
  13. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for your response.

    I put this code on my Window's 'Show' event handler. So, It has to be fire after render and on window's showing time !
    Actually most of the time it works...
  14. I have had the same problem for a couple of times in my application. I think the best thing to do is optimizing your store procedure.
  15. I am using this Js syntax to find my control on the current active panel which has an id starts with "CurrencyID":

  16. As far as I know, there is no other way to do what you want. you should set AllowBlank property to True of False for each control that are related to your Checkbox whenever "Change" event of your...
  17. You can add Jalali plugin to your date picker control in source code and add its files to your project.It's an open source plugin you can download it from internet.
  18. you can perform your validation by using (Edit) event instead of (ValidateEdit ),so you would not have deselection problem.
  19. Thread: Learning Tips

    by nasim
    As far as I experienced, I think the best way of learning is using it on a project practically and get assist from the examples in EXT .Net site. ( ) . They examples are so...
  20. As far as I know,there is a property in a GridPanel named "DockedItems" you can add a FormPanel inside it and put Textbox or Lable in it then by fetching data separately from database you can display...
  21. could you please explain a bit more? do you need highlighted dates dynamically or just fetch dates from database dynamically?
  22. if you use SQL SERVER for your database,You can write a handler for FileUploadField object to import data from Excel to SQL Server Db by OPEN ROW SET command, after that you can use it as a source of...
  23. after you created your grid on server side, depend on what you want to do with the selection and when you want to use it you can write handler on the considered event by EXT js command so that you...
  24. I am not sure what you are going to do with store's count ,but I provided a line of code in the following so that you can get the count of your store by alert window while you clicked on your button,...
  25. In order to prevent Javascripts commands to be performed on any Ext .Net objects(grid,store,...) you can disable a user's ability to execute JavaScript console commands as what Facebook has done to...
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