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  1. No no, don't worry, as I say it's likely our end.

    On a quick scan over things it was the SQL taking too long due to some crappy index management, all sorted now :)
  2. Thanks for the dlls Daniil,

    The function with nullable params is now working ok! fantastic ty.

    Annoyingly the same function (which was taking 400ms) is now taking ~8 seconds to execute but I'm...
  3. Hi Daniil,

    It would be great if we could grab a copy of the dll's in release mode, we're pretty close to a system update this end and the serialisation issue is pretty much the last thing I've...
  4. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for the info, I'm afraid our network doesn't allow an SVN connection directly. I'll have to see if I can get a copy offsite and sent it to myself once built.

    I don't suppose...
  5. Ah ok, the SVN branches of Ext.NET or JSON.Net?
  6. Hi Daniil,

    To clarify, in our existing code (that which hasn't been changed in the last few months) we have a DirectMethod defined with nullable params, as below:

    [DirectMethod(ShowMask =...
  7. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for taking a look at this one, if it's any help, our original DLL's were as follows:

    Ext.Net.dll -
    Ext.Net.Factory.dll -
    Ext.Net.Utilities -
  8. Afternoon all,

    I've recently updated our Ext.NET dlls to version and seem now to be hitting an exception when calling DirectMethods with nullable parameters.

  9. Hi Daniil,

    Yeah the situation is a bit unusual, I'll try to elaborate:

    Say we have 4 stores:

    <ext:Store ID="strMeetingNonAttendee" runat="server">
  10. Afternoon all,

    Just a quick question. What's the recommended method of passing an extra param with to the NotifyDrop function of an <ext:DropTarget>?

    I have a form with 2-3 grids all with...
  11. Hi Daniil,

    As a sanity check I cleared my local caches, deleted my local versions of the files and re-acquired the files from source control and as you say, things do now seem to be working.
  12. Hi Daniil,

    Certainly, one of our other devs took the JS code from a forum post on I believe one of the sencha threads.

  13. Hi Daniil, here's the source for the control, it's nothing more than this:

  14. Hi Daniil,

    Our currency field inherits from the final NumberField so as you say, I'd expect it to display the same events. Do you want me to attach the entire class so you could let me know if...
  15. Hello again Daniil,

    Sorry for reserecting this post! I just wanted to ask a quick follow on question.

    Regarding using the listeners collection in our custom control, at the moment I see to see...
  16. So I suppose in that case I could override it as below:

    this.HasLoadPostData = true;

    string val = postCollection[this.UniqueName];
    bool raise = false;

  17. Hi Daniil,

    Aha, fantastic, thank you very much.

    I had assumed since we were stripping the currency off when playing about with the 'Text' property override that this would be enough, but I...
  18. I did test the exact example yeah, literally copied and pasted into a new webform and set it as the start page in our current project.

    I was testing on IE8 if it makes any difference, but we see...
  19. I'm not sure if it's a trunk compilation as our developer who configured the project original has since left the company. Generally we didn't opt to compile our own versions though as we aimed to...
  20. Hi Daniil,

    That example does indeed reproduce the problem:


    We're using build and at the moment this system is live, as a result we're not easily able to update the DLL and...
  21. Hi Guys,

    I've got a strange issue with the Ext.NET slider control I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

    Put simply, I have a basic page with a slider control with a simple change...
  22. Hi Daniil,

    Firstly, my apologies for not getting back to this thread sooner, things have been manic this end.

    I'm hoping to try to grab a copy of the source and give this a go in the next week...
  23. Hi Guys,

    Yeah the caching could well be the issue, this is what I'm trying to establish, I can run the caching with Ext.NET on IIS6 and also run it on IIS7 without the cached principal.
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