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  1. it was ExtJS bug by myself.
    there is
    EXTJSIV-9141 After ending cell editing with the Enter key, keyboard...
  2. I use 2.1 can focus cell when i keypress UP,down,Left ,right key in grid,but 2.2 can not
    (2.2 examples
    how to do it in 2.2 ? or Is that a...
  3. Hello ~ geoffrey.mcgill,
    Is there a new release date ?

    thank you~
  4. Thank you !
  5. I Wanna Know Too~
    2.1 so many bugs ~
  6. It's work!
    Thank you much !
  7. 5775

    I want hide browser status bar message when mouse hover Treenode
    how to set all TreeNode didn't show url when mouse hover it ?
    sorry my English,Please Help ,Thanks~
  8. in GridPanel ,I use CellSelectionModel and set CellEditing
    <ext:CellEditing ID="ListCellEditing" runat="server" ClicksToEdit="2">
    <Edit Fn="edit"...
  9. Thanks for your reply..
    I fixed it use your way,that was CKEditor's Z-index Problem

    CKEDITOR.basePath = "../../CKEditor/"; = "v2";
    CKEDITOR.config.baseFloatZIndex =...
  10. I was use Popup a Modal Window Contains ckedit control.
    there was a z-index Problem makes ckedit control's menu popup menuitem alawys back of my window.
    (please see the Attachment image)...
  11. I set gridpanel's some columns "Locked=true" in DesignTime,

    and I set two or more columns to lock in runtime,
    (my order of operations is first lock column '代码' , then lock column '姓名' )...
  12. Thanks ~ it's work!!
  13. I want to Change GridPanel Column MenuItem Default Text ?
    how to do it? please tell me ~ thanks
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