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  1. Hello, can anybody help me please?
  2. Any body can help me with this issue?
  3. Hello,

    I'm using Ext.NET 2.5.

    I coped the code of this page:

    But I got error as shown in (Error.png) attached.
  4. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    Consider the following case:

    MarginSpec="0 0 0 0"
  5. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    Thank you for your response.

    I have added the following status to my code:

    <ext:StatusBar ClientIDMode="Static" ID="FormStatusBar" runat="server"...
  6. Dears,

    I'm using the following code to validate my form:

    <ext:Button ID="btnSaveMembershipInfo" runat="server" Icon="DiskBlack" Text="Save" >
  7. @fabricio.murta,

    Thanks a lot.
    I think my problem solved by using this example ( to embed...
  8. Dear fabricio.murta,

    Your suggest still NOT solving my problem.

    Can I achieve something like the following snapshot:


    How to embed such grid with search text boxes for each column...
  9. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    This example is more suitable to my case:

    How I can perform search in both columns?

    Ali Alaswad
  10. Dears,

    Suppose I have the following ComboBox:

    <ext:ComboBox Flex="1" TypeAhead="true" ForceSelection="true" QueryMode="Local" MinWidth="800" PaddingSpec="0 15 0 5"...
  11. Sorry, problem solved. Mark as closed.
  12. Dears,

    Why I'm getting empty Alert Box when trying the following code from server behind:

    Dim ErrorMsg As String = ""

    If falg=true Then
    ErrorMsg &= "<br/>Flag equal true"
  13. Dears,

    I want to enable TypeAhead search in ComboBox in-case sensitive, but it always accept search as case sensitive in spite of setting the property CaseSensitive="false":

  14. Thank You.
    Mark it as closed.
  15. Hi @fabricio.murta

    I have put this code in my page:

    onRender : function () {
  16. Dears,

    I hope everybody good day.

    I used RowEditing Plugin in my GridPanel and as you know that this Plugin call the updateOwners method after clicking update button while row editing:

  17. Dear fabricio,

    I discovered strange behavior in this issue.

    Consider this scenario:

    1. When the page loaded first time, the ComboBox will be loaded and our currency will be selected by...
  18. Hi,

    I'm passing ExtraParams on Button Click DirectEvents as following:

    <ext:Button ID="btnSaveReceiptInfo" ClientIDMode="Static" runat="server" Icon="DiskBlack" Text="Save" >...
  19. Thank You.

    It works but without setting this CacheSingleExpandRows="true" , when I do that I become unable to get forms component values through:

  20. Dears,

    I defined a RowExpander FormPanel in my GridPanel as follows:

    <ext:RowExpander runat="server" SingleExpand="false">
  21. Thanks a lot.
    Works fine.
  22. ...

    Here some examples:

    190000.000 --> 190,000.000
    25352.651 --> 25,352.651
    1234567.987 --> 1,234,567.987

  23. Hi,

    I want to define an input mask for ext:TextField to display prices with comma delimiter for receipts as follows:

    <ext:TextField ID="txtTotalAmount" ReadOnly="true" Text="0"...
  24. Dear fabricio.murta ,

    Thanks a lot, it is working for me also.
    I will post the second question in another post.

  25. Dears,

    I'm using ext:GridPanel ext:RowEditing plugin, and I'm using the first field selection from the ext:ComboBox to fill other edited fields.

    I defined the field as follows:

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