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  1. Okay, Daniil. Thank you for the lead. I ran through the Javascript debugger after your suggestion of adding ScriptMode="Debug".

    I determined that this code was causing the error on the backend:
  2. I'm getting "TypeError: a.inputEl.dom is null". Do you have any ideas as to why?

    Here's a screenshot:
  3. Hi, I just upgraded a project from Ext.NET 2.5.2 framework 4.5 to version 3.2 and framework 4.5.1. Now, when you click on an image command icon on the grid panel to pop up a window, built in a user...
  4. Thanks for the tip. I reworked the code without the master page and then added the master page back in and finally got it working.

    I added AutoScroll = "true" to the nested panel.

    What I...
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get responsive working on a master page. This following code works except that it doesn't let you scroll down the page on mobile and when resizing on desktop.

    When I add...
  6. You are right. I don't need to have a window at all. I just wrote the file to the Response. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi, I have a GridCommand that when clicked should show the browser's open/save as file dialog window to download a zip file. The code below works when setting Hidden = false inside the
  8. You can close this case. I was destroying an embedded user control that had allowBlank = false listed as a default parameter. In 2.1, the user control was destroyed and allowBlank = false was ignored...
  9. Hi,

    My forms were submitting fine using 2.1. After updating to 2.2, myform.getForm().isValid() is returning false even though all the required fields are filled out. I suspect that the problem is...
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