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  1. my problem solved.
  2. I have problem download file using DirectEvent in mvc ( core mvc page)

    Error message is "BADRESPONSE: Invalid or unexpected token"

    "K�zR\ ���,xl/workbook.xml���N�0 E%�3�2�ڎ��...
  3. I got it.
    Thanks update.
  4. How to implement Enum object binding to Combobox control?
  5. Thanks.
    Good worked.
  6. Directly, BPage is render good.
    Please, repro my test code and check attached file.

    My Dev / Testing environment is .NET5, Chrome.


  7. please, check below my code.
    It's still not worked.
    Directly, succeeded BPage access.

  8. Below is my test code.
    Still not render BPage.cshtml.


    Layout = null;
  9. How to implement ext-componentLoader in panel.

    below code not worked.

    <ext-panel id="pnlExample"
    iconCls="fal fa-sort-numeric-up-alt"
  10. Thanks update.
  11. I'm using Ext.Net 7.2.

    I was used Grid plugin FilterHeader at Ext.NET 5.2.

    But, I can't find that at Ext.Net 7.2.

    any plan Grid plugin FilterHeader support?
  12. I need some code sample about FeedViewer (Combination Samples->Applications) in MVC.
    I know it's exist in Web Forms.
    But, I'm MVC dev environment.

    Could you help me?
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