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  1. How to read?
  2. Work it, but I need read "TEST" from resourse file?
    Resourse file .resx
  3. I don't read field in Resourse file and value view in ok button....Resoursec file change depending on the language (exc...eng,ger...),and filed value cange
    Can help me?
  4. Hi!
    We use 1.2. version in our old programs

    Ext.Msg.buttonText.ok ='<%= Resources.Rsc.Uredu%>';

    This code work on new version but don't work in old version
    How solved this problem?
  5. Thanks solved problem....
  6. We have tabpanel and dynamic add tabs.Url parameter call Action ion Controler,and action return View...But tab control is entry.

    addTab(App.TabPanel1, 'idExt', "/Projekat/Editor?pID=" +...
  7. Thank you done solved problem :D
  8. Hi
    We have problem with load default data value in combobox ...
    We use MVC ...load data

    public ActionResult getOdogovornaLicaList()
    var data = new...
  9. Thanks.
    Solve this problem


    <ext:Store ID="StoreProjekat" runat="server" RemotePaging="false" PageSize="15" AutoLoad="false"> <%--RemoteSort="true"--%>
  10. Hi
    We have problem with get value in textField,set this value on storeParametars.Parametars read in C# methode.


    <ext:Store ID="StoreProjekat" runat="server"...
  11. Yes it is reproducible in all browsers.

    Because of the need in my project I had to implement another solution, but when I arrived I'll make the test project and test using Fiddler or net tab.
  12. I'm not sure I understand but this is the result when I do inspect element in borowser:

    <span class="x-btn-icon icon-databasesave" id="ButtonProjekatSacuvaj-btnIconEl"/>
  13. No it was not helpful.
  14. Hi,

    I have problem when try to load partial view in mvc. In gridview I have command column where i call javascript function to partial load ascx control.
    Everything works ok but problem is in...
  15. Here is controller action:

    public AjaxResult GetProjekti()
    IProjekat dao = new ProjekatDAO();
    List<Projekat> _Projekat = dao.List();

  16. And every time I click on the next page on pager, in the grid adds 3 new rows below the previous.
  17. In example AutoLoad is "false", but I need with "true" value.
  18. This works:

    <Load AutoDataBind="true" Handler=<%# String.Format("App.ComboBoxJezik.setValue({0});", ViewBag.Jezik.Jz_ID) %> />
  19. Hi,

    How can I get value from ViewBag in aspx syntax inside Store listener?
    In razor sythax this is it:

    listeners.Load.Handler = "App.ComboBoxJezik.setValue(" + ViewBag.Jezik.Jz_ID + ");";
  20. Here is the code. (You don't need all code...)

    public AjaxResult GetKlijentiZaTipKlijenta(string pTipKlijentaID)
    List<Klijent> _Klijent = null;

  21. Here is the code. Parameters of store are at the bottom of this code:

  22. Thanks, that is solution! :)
  23. Hi, I'm trying to get upload file on server with file upload field with this code:

    .Items(items => {
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