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  1. Hi..Daniil

    Ok thanks, now I see the example and try to see if it works

    Close the post.
  2. Hi Daniil.. sorry

    It would be great if you already have an example, otherwise I see you try to make a small example to resolve the above error.

    I do not have much practice with MVC

  3. Hi ... Daniil

    Ok, the problem is the loader, but i retrive an error:

    The controller for path '/Clienti' was not found or does not implement IController.

    Now prepare a sample and test..
  4. Hi, i don't to show a view in a window in MVC, i view the sample window, but i open a link Url:

  5. Hi.. FloatingPoint

    thanks for the solution, i have disable this in the web.config and work, the problem is only with IE

    <compilation debug="false" targetFramework="4.0">

  6. Hi..Vladimir
    Thanks for the test,
    I was interested to know if anyone worked on this model.
    I know that mobile devices are not supported officially..
    Now I'll check the settings of the IPad of...
  7. Hi Daniil
    this sample on your site

    2. Return a string from an DirectMethod
    If click on the button, on the IPad air not showing the...
  8. HI..Daniil
    Yes i have leave all the Listeners code, but the problem persist...
    The mode of the IPad is the AIR

  9. Hi, i have a problem whit the DirectMethod on the last versione of the IPad, this code not work:

    <ext:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Entra" Scale="Medium" IconCls="login"
  10. Hi Vladimir...
    I load all the tree then load the page, but with IE11 the first filter the time is 3-4 second, the next filter only +/- 1 second..
    With other browser the different is almost...
  11. Hi, i use the filter for find the node, but with many record the first time is slow, the second time to execute the filter is ok.

    I have a solution for this case for help my?

    I load intere tree...
  12. Hi..Daniil

    Leave all css property, the error still appear, but i have find the problem:

    Is VS 2013, i have open the project on another machine with VS 2012 (and in the same machine) and the...
  13. Hi..Danil
    Sorry for not having specified the browser...

    The problem apper only in IE 11...
    FireFox or Chrome work ok..

    This is the error with appear in VS 2013...

    Unhandled exception at...
  14. HI, i have a problem with two combox in a form with ItemTpl:
    If insert only one combobox it's work Ok, but if insert two combobox i retrive the javascript error:

    Riga: 37
    Errore: Syntax error,...
  15. Hi, Vladimir...

    Sorry ..double sorry, i view my old project and the view is not iframe, here it's where the sample.into the same page..

  16. HI, Vladimir...

    In the previous version of Ext.Net it's work ok, i update my project to this version and the problem appear..

    however, I will increase the size of the window..(Close the...
  17. Hi, i have a problem then open the pick of the datafield, is don't out of the window.

    in the sample:
    is work OK.

    I use the Desktop...
  18. Hi Vladimir...

    Yeahhh it's super !!!! work great..

    Many many thanks

  19. Hi. Vladimir

    Yeah it's work great..

    but i have a question: this override all columns to default 'Contains', it's possible set only a specific column to 'Contains' ?

    I test this code:
  20. Hi Vladimir...
    yes i read the prefix for search in the filter (+,*, ecc..)

    but il possibile set the default to 'Contains' ?
    without the user having to use the prefix ?

    it's possible use the...
  21. Hi, when insert a FilterHeader plugin in a grid:

    <ext:GridPanel ID="GridPanelClienti" runat="server" StoreID="StoreCliAge" Cls="my-grid" >
  22. Hi Baidaly

    Thank for the reply..

    After read the post, i test my application, it's work ok (VS 2013 Framework 4.5 and Ver.5444)

    Currently i have the problem only with the examples...
  23. HI..Oliver

    I type @1010 in the password and the sample it's ok
    Pass = @1010

    Not response with: 21010

    Browser FireFox
  24. Hi..Vladimir..

    It's Ok

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