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  1. I just downloaded the must up to date version of from SVN, I need to compile the MVC5 release 4.6 vs2015, but I get the following errors:


    I've tried Clean Solution...
  2. Can you help me how to migrate this "webform" case into "mvc"?

    a) In which event (controller) can I load the initial content of Combobox "cmbZ".
    b) I need when I click the Button "btnB" the...
  3. Can you please share the razor syntaxis for having the Store's OnReadData for MVC?

    This is the case for webforms, it has onreaddata in store:
  4. With the latest trunk, it has some troubles for generating the assemblies in vs2015. It sends error in project in the folder MVC: ext, extensions, factory.

    Just one question, for...
  5. Daniil, thanks for your time.

    It works as I need it.
  6. How can I remove or reduce the space between each Displayfield item?

    <ext:Window ID="wInfo" runat="server" Title="" IconPath="~/resources/images/pic1.png" BodyPadding="0"
  7. It works just adding the get & set to the class definition:

    public class ABC
    public string A {get; set;};
    public string B {get; set;};
    public string C {get;...
  8. I need to refresh the gridpanel store from a button directevent. I cannot get the result.

    I put also a label in the page, and the label text gets refreshed in the directevent, but the gridpanel...
  9. How can I change the background color of the active panel in a tabpanel?

    in v2.5.3 I got this:


  10. Danill, sorry for posting to many lines, but it is the whole page.

    I'm using firebug for detecting the error.

    Maybe this image can help to suggest any solution:
  11. Danill, I have been working with this case. In the code as you can see, there are 3 panels, when I have any "chart" in the second panel it doesnt works, but if I remove the chart and I put some other...
  12. I need to setactivetab in clientside, but for me it is not working(in v2.5.3 it works, but in v3.1 it doesnt).

    This is the code .aspx (tabpanel with 2 panels) :

    <ext:TabPanel id="tp1"
  13. In the basic polarchart sample you have this in the javascript for render the tooltip:

    var tipRenderer = function (storeItem, item) {
    var total = 0;

  14. How Can I modify the lengendconfig font label?

    In specific the font that appears in the right side, the ones marked with the arrows.

  15. How Can I get a center polarchart inside a panel?

    I have this:

    I need to have de chart centered, as the green circle :
  16. I have 3 questions:

    1) How Can I get a center polarchart inside a panel?

    2) How Can I modify the lengendconfig font label?


    3) In the basic polarchart sample you have this in the...
  17. Daniil, I open the window inside the tab, because the window is modal, and when I popup the window I just need that tab becomes modal.

    I think if I open the window outside the tab, all the tabs...
  18. Hi I have the next situation when I popup a Window inside a tab:

    the window header doesnt not appear complete, I'd like to show it...
  19. Thanks, It does what I need.
  20. Hi, I have this textfield:

    <ext:TextField ID="tCurp" runat="server" FieldLabel="CURP" Name="tcurp" AllowBlank="false" MaxLength="18" EnforceMaxLength="true"...
  21. I need to apply the "sort" to the next code, I use it from a gridpanel

    generic .ashx handler

    StoreRequestParameters prms2 = new StoreRequestParameters(context);
  22. Thanks Daniil, It worked as I need ii.
  23. Thanks Daniil, it works.
  24. RCN, I have downloaded the SVN version. It works, now it warnings(red border) the inputs with mask, but it treats all the inputs as it was mandatory, even if you dont have it:

  25. Thanks Fabricio, it works.
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