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  1. Thanks,

    I'll change the layout.

    Actually I'm migrating 1.x and 3.x code. This option was also available in 3.x. But there is no problem I can change to other layout.

  2. Hi,

    I'm in the process of migrating to EXT.Net 5, but I'm struggling to know how to set FItHeigth = true on a ColumnLayout, in older versions This was a property of the columLayout, but I do not...
  3. Thank you!!,

    It works now.
  4. Hello,

    I'm upgrading to Ext.Net 5.0 but I'm stuck on dialog. On previous version I called a javascript function to oepn a new dialog wich contains another page.

    Unfortunatelly I cannot...
  5. Hello,

    We're looking for a freelancer with extensive experience in web forms/mySQL/C# to assist us with finishing an undergoing project.

    We are a software development company based...
  6. Thank you,

    I think that I can figure my way from here. Incorporating necessary changes on the database won't be problem. I already have the same functionality on android and iOs applications.
  7. I think It will be most helpful if you can show how to incorporate row reordering in this example

    The situation is similar and...
  8. Hello,
    I'm interested to add row ordering with drag & drop o a grid like it is done in this example

    The problem I have is that my...
  9. Maybe is a bug.

    On Firefox 39.0 if I put a Fileuploadfield (only button = yes) inside a Fieldset which is initially collapsed, when the user expand the fieldset the upload button is not...
  10. Tested with the updated svn and now is working.

  11. Hello
    I'm not able to get the pressed state from toggle imagebuttons (normal toggle buttons return the pressed state but not imagebuttons).

    Here are an example showing the problem, when "Get...
  12. neverming I finally downloaded the nuget console and obtained the 1.7u nversion with nuget.exe install Ext.Net -Version 1.7.0
  13. Hi,

    I have detected a bug on the version that we are using but I want to try the latest 1.x before asking for help.

    I tried with but this link is not...
  14. Yes, I need the 350px. Deleting the layout spec of the subpanel I can see it again.

    Why does it happen? Form layout is the default layout for the panels, rigth?

    Is there any way to specify the...
  15. Hello,

    I'm working with (just dowloaded the lat4est release to assure that I have the latest )

    The problem is that the rigth borders of the panels do not render on the...
  16. SOLVED.

    These properties have no effect I can change the colors using the StyleSpec property.

    This other example works.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net"...
  17. Hello while migrating I have just noticed that ForeColor and BackColor does not seem to work on codebehind.
    Here is an example which shows it. In the breaking changes there is no mention about it....
  18. Sorry, my mistake I was changing it to

    mode: "frame"

    instead of

    renderer: "frame"
  19. Nope, alredy tried that.

    In fact according the documentation, the autoload property is not longer available!/api/Ext.window.Window

    And it also seems that...
  20. I have seem both the examples and the breaking changes.

    On c# .net I have no problems, the problem is in this case that I cannot do it on c# in this point and I have to do it on javascript and I...
  21. Hello,

    I'm migrating our web client to 2.x. on version 1.x I have a javascript funtion wich dinamically creates a window and opens an url inside it.

    <script type="text/javascript">
  22. I finally get it working!!

    My fault, the correct line was.

    cp.WeekView.CustomConfig.Add(new ConfigItem("ddResizeEventText", "'Actualizar actividad a {0}'"));

    Single quotes were missing.
  23. Unfortunally is not working.

    I used this in the previous example an it do not work

    cp.WeekView=new WeekView();
  24. Thanks,

    I started a new thread with the second issue.

    The customconfig solution works fine.

    Just one think instead of CusStartDay, the property will be bettar Named as "StartDay" as it is...
  25. Hello,
    I have detedted one probably missing property in WeekView and DayView (Property exist in MonthView)

    Property DDResizeEventText does not exist in WeekView nor in DayView, so I cannot...
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