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  1. found the answer:

    LegendConfig = new ChartLegend { ... }
    ToolTip = new { ... }
  2. Hello,

    I was trying to make the barchart example working building it completely from code behind. But I am running in some troubles about the Label/ToolTip/LegendConfig tags: As soon as I...
  3. Hello Fabricio,

    Thanks for your input. During the building of my test example I realized that a forgotten update trigger on my database messed with my values.

    So everything is ok now. Sorry for...
  4. Hello,

    I have a Hidden input in a form that I want to update from time to time. But when I read it from the client (with #{hidden}.getValue()) after the first update I always get the original...
  5. Hello Fabricio,

    any news on this issue? I ran into it, too. Solved it with the css workaround but I still have an uneasy feeling about it.


  6. Hello Fabricio,

    Thank you very much for your answer. No, you are dead right with your idea ;) Unfortunately, my assumption was correct. I was hoping I missed some easy way out. Thanks for all the...
  7. Hello

    I tried to search for a solution for this on the forum but wasn't really successful. Perhaps I tried the wrong words... Sorry if it is a double.

    When I am editing a formpanel that is...
  8. Thank you for the lesson! :)
  9. Hello Daniil,

    Thank you very much, works as suggested. So I never have to use "this.Form" in this case? It seems I got the impression to use it from an way to old example or a bad forum entry.
  10. Hello

    I am struggling with the simple task to show a window from a class file. If I show it from main aspx.cs from a direct method I normally do it like this:

    Window win = new Window();...
  11. Hello Daniil,

    strange but thank you for the lesson. I will switch!

    best regards
  12. Hello

    I just stumbled upon this - for me - strange behavior when I was debugging a change handler of a numberfield. On a change I just wanted to get the actual value in a simple alert box:

  13. Pefect! :) Thank you very much!

    PS: and sorry for the troubles...
  14. Hello Fabricio

    really no worries! everything is alright....

    I took your example and modified it to show you want I really wanted to do :)

    1) Click on Fill Gridpanel
    2) You don't have to...
  15. hello again,

    yes I will have to do it like that anyway... just that I a very curious, if it is possible to get to the gridpanel store via javascript without doing the return. You are avoiding this...
  16. Hi,

    sorry, I was to much in a hurry when I wrote my question. Let me explain it a little bit more:

    The grid resides in a tabpanel that is created dynamically via directmethod when the gridpanel...
  17. Hello

    I have two items which are created via DirectMethod in code behind (not at the same time and not at page start): a gridpanel with a store and a popup window, that should check...
  18. there is no thumbs up so I just wanted to say: thanks in advanced! Looking forward to it!
  19. Hello Daniil,

    That is strange. I had assumed the same as you see when I was coding but it doesn't work on my side (I never get the highlighting in the first panel - but thanks for confirming that...
  20. Hello,

    I am trying to highlight some rows when pressing a command in a gridpanel. When I select it in the corresponding gridpanel the view updates automaticly and in this case has a highlighted...
  21. Hello Daniil,

    thanks for your tips. I didn't have time to override this function yet but I used some of it already on another part of my web app! Very useful. thank you very much. I will try the...
  22. oh, yes! It does a lot! Working like a charme, thank you very much.

    best regards.
  23. Hello

    I am calling creating a panel with a gridpanel within a tabpanel. The gridpanel should only occupy a third of the parent via columnlayout and columnwidth = 0.33. But somehow it occupies...
  24. Hello Daniil,

    thank you very much! It looks promising...

    Unfortunately it works only on the initial sorting. I tried to add a listener to the column but haven't found onChange, onSortable or...
  25. Hello Daniil,

    No worries and thank you very much for your time!

    best regards.
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