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  1. Any idea how to fix this?
  2. Is there a way to tweak the above and make possible "mouse wheel scrolling"?
  3. As far as I am able to see the initial issue was not actually a huge issue because there was a page scrollbar that could be used to navigate to all of the columns.
    We had a bigger issue in IE7 and...
  4. hi Daniil, one question related to this,
    I have an ascx user control that used as a blueprint.
    Since I have a couple of similar...
  5. I hav a linkbutton:

    <ext:LinkButton runat="server" ID="lButton" Icon="Calculator" Text=" ">
  6. I was thinking about some "csrf-token" mechanism, are you aware of any in extjs?
  7. Do we have anything in framework to treat this type of issue, and prevent a possible CSRF attack ?

  8. Ok, a colleague of mine gave me a solution I was searching for from a very beginning:
    On top of the iframe page that will be destroyed afterwards and that causes this issue we swapped the Date...
  9. Well maybe it should, but this is not the case with a couple of hundreds of other pages in this app, so it should not be with this one either.
    Especially that this field is not a required field.
  10. Hello, I've implemented remote validation for one of the fields.
    Anyway it still troubles me, because user is still able to perform a quick save click and avoid the validation. Tried with disabling...
  11. Hi all,

    Have an issue with user controls DirectEvents (DirectMethods) not wired up

    I've seen a:...
  12. Anyway this is the solution, use CommandColumn instead of a regular one, and GridCommand instead of ImageCommand, here it is:

    <ext:CommandColumn ColumnID="EngagementID" ButtonAlign="Center"...
  13. Well actually you have everything needed to reproduce, if you take a look you'll see both Renderer and ImageCommand working together to display a link once and an icon other time

  14. Hello this is what I have:

    var linkRenderEngagement = function(value, metadata, record, row) {
    return ( == 269627) ? '' : String.format('<a...
  15. I was wondering if there is an example, or a suggestion, or a functionality, that can be utilized in a TriggerField to choose and submit another parameter (searching criteria) beside the searching...
  16. Let's say I have a trigger field:

    <ext:TriggerField ID="headerSearchField" runat="server" Height="15" EnableKeyEvents="true"
    HideLabel="true" Selectable="true" Cls="smallTrigger"...
  17. Like I said on the other thread, putting some 'version' drop down on top would help people.
  18. Ok I see the answer -, you can close the ticket.
  19. Maybe you should put some 'version' dropdown to ease the finding of he previous version page.
  20. Hello,

    how to reach a previous version examples page?

  21. Checkout this following sitation pls:


    <ext:Store ID="stoCandidate" runat="server" RemoteSort="true" OnRefreshData="Store_Refresh">
  23. We have:
    - a GridPanel with the PageProxy defined,
    - a BufferView with headers (operator, filter)

    Talking about combobox filter.

    User picks a filter value (let's say Status='X'), combo...
  24. The problem I have sounds like this one:

    , although I don't see 'hasFocus' among the...
  25. Basically it didn't help me a lot,
    I have a situation where combobox remains expanded when it should not be (something triggers store reload and combo expand - extjs probably), but since I cannot...
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