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  1. I have tried removing the proxy and no change.
    I have also tried various combinations of onrefresh and databind but still no success.

    In the end I have transformed the list into a datatable...
  2. I forgot to mention that I have also tried using JsonReader instead of ArrayReader and the results were the same.
  3. it's weird.
    first of all I get two calls (which I only have noticed now)
    and second it doesn't contain any data for the grid. There are only other initializations that I do on all requests. they...
  4. Hello all,
    I have a question about the old coolite (unfortunately I am supporting an application which we didn't have time to upgrade yet).
    I hope there are still people around who can answer this...
  5. In my code (using Coolite 0.8.2) I do something like:

    this.ReferenceStore.DataSource = data;
  6. it worked. thanks a lot. I spent some time on this one.
  7. here is a screenshot of what I get:

    a reduced example is going to take some time.

    Now I am wondering. Because in the...
  8. Hello,
    I created a custom user control that wraps a combobox like this:

    <ext:FormLayout runat="server" ID="formHeading" StyleSpec="padding:0; margin:0;">
  9. it worked,
    by specifying two data sources in the markup and then switch between them in the code behind.
  10. Hi Vladimir,
    thanks for the reply. Here it is:

    <ext:Store ID="ClassifyStore" runat="server" AutoLoad="false" RemoteSort="false" ShowWarningOnFailure="true">
  11. I have a problem with a grid I am using. For objective reasons it is hard for me to post a full example as it is quite a complicated page but maybe someone can spot the issue from these hints:

  12. thanks, it worked now...
    I didn't know I had to do that because for the grid is not required for example.
  13. I have also tried to use this approach when submitting:

    <ext:Parameter Name="searchEngines" Value="Ext.encode(#{msSearchEngine}.getValues(true))" Mode="Raw" />

    described here:...
  14. If I have a multiselect field on a page:

    <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="SearchEngineDataSource" runat="server" SelectMethod="All" TypeName="Truvo.Web.KWI.DB.SearchEngine">
  15. that worked.
    thanks a lot
  16. thanks, this worked to display the control and avoid any errors.
    I still have one problem though, the label is not displayed. I have tried setting the FieldLabel property of the Panel but didn't...
  17. Hello,

    I would like to create a custom user control containing a store and a combobox:

    <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="ComboBoxHeading.ascx.cs"...
  18. this worked well, thanks a lot
  19. still not working, see attached image.
    the right one is the first tab, gets rendered properly. on the second tab the html editor and comboboxes are not rendered correctly.

    this is my markup:

  20. is this AutoDoLayout="true" a new property in ExtNet 1.0?
    because I am still using Coolite 0.8 and I cannot find it in either the tab control or the tab page.
  21. thanks Timothy,
    that fixed the null reference problem. But now when displaying the window containing the controls, the first one looks great; when switching to the others, the dynamically created...
  22. I have a tab control and I create a variable number of tab pages on page load. Each page will contain a form with some fields.
    When the popup that contains this tab control will be displayed, I want...
  23. Hi Daniil,

    if I use FormLayout.HideLabels, all the field labels will be hidden. That is not what I want.
    What I want is when I hide a Label control, also its FieldLabel to be hidden. This works...
  24. and even if I put an empty FieldLabel I still see some space and a colon.
  25. Hi Vlad,
    is this DisplayField introduced in version 1.0?
    if yes, could you recommend a workaround for version 0.8?

    what happens is that if I use label.Hide() it hides the content but the...
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