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  1. I add in the code:

    protected void NewLeaveUser_Change(object sender, AjaxEventArgs e)
    DisabledDate disabledDate = new DisabledDate(2010, 11, 20);
  2. I think geoffrey.mcgill was answer the question, UpdateDisabledDates is not support in coolite 0.8x.
    Our company using 0.8, so...:(
  3. unfortunately, our company's project using 0.8
    any other method to solve this problem?
  4. <table cellspacing="10px" style="margin:10 10 10 10; width:390px">
    <td align="right">
    <ext:Label ID="Label1"...
  5. I want to disable different dates base on the selected item of the combo box.
    how to do?
  6. combo1.SelectedIndex = 0 is incorrect.

    how can I select the first item of the combobox from code behind?
  7. Thanks, it works.

    So this is not a bug right? Can anybody move this thread to any place else?
  8. I have a panel inside one page, and this panel is hidden by default, and show when I click a button.

    There are a file upload field and a combo box inside this panel, if the panel is hidden by...
  9. I have one button in a page, when I click this button a massage box showed, when I click the 'OK' button on the massage box, I want the page closed, how can I do?
  10. I have a window inside one page, there is a combo box inside this window, the first time when the window show, nothing has been selected in the combo, then I select one, and close the window.

  11. thank you! :)
  12. I get the data from database which is contains html code, I want to bind this data with coolite control, I don't want to show the html code directly.

    For example,
    the data is <b> something</b>
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