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  1. Hello.

    In example "Dropable panel"
    if use drag and drop - this is action lead to show scroll bar.

    Example: 24821

    Browser: chrome;
  2. Thread: wrong symbols

    by Piksel
    Thanks for your help Daniil.
    If I can find a way to reproduce the problem in the stable I shall write to you.
  3. Thread: wrong symbols

    by Piksel
    Yes, there is an assumption that problems arise at the stage or the formation or transfer of scripts in the browser. So if you get the same data from a field that symbols matter will be perceived as...
  4. Thread: wrong symbols

    by Piksel
    browsers: ie7,ie8,chrome
  5. Thread: wrong symbols

    by Piksel
    Hi Daniil,

    I added this into the page's <head>, but this is dont help

    Page.Header.Controls.AddAt(1, new HtmlMeta { HttpEquiv = "Content-Type", Content = "text/html; charset=utf-8" });

  6. Thread: wrong symbols

    by Piksel
    v 1.5

    Some characters are displayed incorrectly.

    The data is stored in the following way

    How can I fix it?
  7. Many thanks, Daniil!
  8. Hi guys,

    How can I make the columns fit in TreeGrid? Is there any setting for this?
    Also, a found an article that discribes solution of this problem but this article is written for ext.js and i...
  9. Thread: v1.7

    by Piksel
    Hi, thank you.

    sorry, i find my error. I add node twice.

    Pleace, closed (or remove) this theme.
  10. Thread: v1.7

    by Piksel
    Hi guys,

    Sorry for my English.

    If I expand last node (highlighted in red) than expand other node (highlighted in green). I use chrome.


  11. Hello.


    Build ComboBox

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ComboBox comboSubject = new ComboBox();
    comboSubject.ID = "newComboBoxID";
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